A $1b interview


The Wall Street Journel interview with John Key  generated a bit of interest in New Zealand, but mostly by way of the isn’t-it-good-the-world-notices-us reporting.

Bernard Hickey reckons it was worth much more than that and explains how John Key secured a US1bln loan for New Zealand with a newspaper interview.

Hickey’s post explains how ANZ  National secured a $1b bond issue in the USA, it’s worth reading in full so I’ll leave it with this:

It turns out the interview was a crucial factor in the success of the bond issue, the first long term issue by a New Zealand bank since July last year. It is likely to set the tone for more.

Thank you John.

Fonterra auction price up


It’s not enough to get out the champagne but it could justify a celebratory milkshake – the front end contract price in Fonterra’s latest milk auction rose 14.7% in US dollars.

Take the exchange rate into account and that’s an 18.5% increase in New Zealand dollars.


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