Over or under?

October 31, 2008

Time for a discussion on what really matters: is it better to have the end of the loo paper coming over the roll or under it?

Andrew Hedges  put two new rolls into the loo at his workplace and discovered the one with the paper coming over the top was used much faster than the one where the end came underneath.

I have a theory as to why this is the case (this is where the usability part comes in). With an over roll, you can easily see where the end of the TP is. There is no ambiguity about where to grab hold. With under rolls, you’re lucky to see a little corner of the last square. Usually, you have to bend down, grope around, or spin the roll to find the last square.

He may be right, but what I want to know is, regardless of whether the end’s over or under,  why people use both rolls at once instead of using one then the other?

If one roll is used first as in the photo above then the empty core might remind someone to replace it with a new roll. If both are used at the same time chances are they’ll run out at the same time leaving none when it’s needed.

Hat Tip: Idealog Weekly

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