Anchor Me


Day 12 of Music Month – Anchor Me by the Mutton Birds.

Inspired by Busted Blonde who’s just been mutton birding, but is back now so not involved in the stabbing on Titi Island.

McGlashan sees red over TV blue


Singer Don McGlashan gets full marks for imagery in explaining his anger over TVNZ using his song Anchor Me while showing a montage of National leader John Key’s election victory.

In an angry letter to the network, McGlashan said he had never voted National and “would rather have sex with a very ugly crayfish than let them use my music”.

TVNZ’s agreement with the Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) to play a range of New Zealand music at a set fee gave it the right to use the song, but I can understand that how someone with McGlashan’s political leanings would be unhappy about it.

However, I’m having trouble thinking of another song by a New Zealander which might have been used that would not offend a musician because all the ones I can think of lean to the left too.

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