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MacDoctor, Laughy Kate and A Cat of Impossible Colour were the blogs I chose for my spot on Critical Mass  yesterday.

Macdoctor has a winning prescription for posts on health, blue-tinged politics and life.

He writes clearly and cleverly, is rational reasoned and witty.

Laughy Kate specialises in short, snappy posts which show an appreciation of life’s quirkier side.

A Cat of Impossible Colour  is a delightful mix of fashion – of the thrifted kind – her writing, her cat and life in general. If her novel – due out next year – is anything like her blog it will be a wonderful read.

My Critical Mass spot is usually every two or three weeks. But as Noelle McCarthy, who alternates with me in speaking about the internet,  is standing in for Jim Mora and can’t interview herself today’s was only a week after the last one when I discussed the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards.

NZ’s Best Blog Award goes to . . .


The very worthy winner of the Air NZ Best Blog Award is: Cactus Kate.

Cactus Kate ( has won the New Zealand Bloggers’ Union’s inaugural Air New Zealand** Best Blog Award Dim Post . was runner up and No Right Turn ( and Whaleoil ( were awarded joint third place.; In A Strange Land (; Kiwianarama (; Liberation (; and Not PC (

The union launched the awards after another media awards competition, sponsored by a foreign budget airline that uses decrepit Boeing 767s for its Trans-Tasman services and doesn’t even have proper lie-flat beds in Business Class, failed to follow its own criteria in selecting its short list. . . .

. . . In awarding the Supreme Award to Cactus Kate, the judges described the blog as: “Intelligent, persuasive and influential, with the sort of investigative journalism Metro should be publishing. This is a blog which has contributed to changes in the administration of some of New Zealand’s most important regulatory bodies, as well as providing a healthy degree of humour.”

In awarding the Runner Up Award to Dim Post, the judges described the blog as: “Genuinely world-class political satire on matters both weighty and absurd, delivered almost every day. While clearly demonstrating a centre-left perspective, the writer also has the ability to surprise with unpredictable ideas.”

The judges said they struggled most with the choice between No Right Turn and Whaleoil for third place.

Commenting on Whaleoil, the judges said: “While the writer’s vitriol can be distasteful and his spelling and grammar sometimes leaves much to be desired, Whaleoil is the ultimate right wing blogger, delivering scorching critiques of current issues every day, and undoubtedly influencing real political events.”

Commenting on No Right Turn, the judges said: “While there is some doubt about the degree to which the blog has influenced real events and the lack of a comments option could be seen as against the spirit of blogging, No Right Turn provides extremely well researched and well-written contributions – with a decent dose of hard-left anger – on a very wide range of political, social, constitutional and human rights issues.”

The judges recommended that Whaleoil consider investing in a more advanced spell and grammar check program and that No Right Turn consider opening up his site to community discussion.

Congratulations to the winners, placegetters and NZ Bloggers Union which took the suggestion of better blog awards and made it happen, with panache and humour.

And well done Air NZ on not being upset by having its name and CEO associated with the wards without their knowledge.

The judges comments on all 30 nominees are worth a read too in spite of – or some might say because of –  the comments about this blog.

The winner of the Best Blog Award is . . .


,. . . being announced at 2pm today NZ time.

At least I think it is – the NZ Bloggers’ Union says it was being announced yesterday but I think that’s a typo.

In case you missed it yesterday, I’m offering an electronic bottle of whatever you fancy to the person who picks the top three.  I’ve disabled comments for this post,  go back two posts,  to leave your pick.

If I was a betting woman my money would be on (in alphabetic order which I forgot to do in yesterday’s post): Cactus Kate, Kiwiblog and Macdoctor.

The winner of the Best Blog Award is . . .


. . . to be announced tomorrow at the Air NZ Best Blog Award.

If I was a betting woman I’d put my money on Kiwiblog, MacDoctor and Cactus Kate for the top three.

And I’d give an honourable mention to Air NZ for not getting upset at having the award named after them when the comapny, and its chief executive,  had nothing at all to do with it.

An electronic bottle of whatever you fancy is yours if you can pick the top three finalists.

And the nominees are:


The bloggers who:

a) Reckoned they have a chance.

b) Didn’t want to be seen as wimpy when told to harden up.

c) Had some work to avoid and spent some time avoiding it by trawling through last year’s posts.


d) Were amused by what the NZ Bloggers’ Union had done.

Have been awarded a thankyou the size of a brand new A320 for entering the Air New Zealand Best Blog Awards.

The 32 nominations  included only 7 of the top 20 from Tumeke!’s ranking but the judge’s were able to nominate one of the other 13.

The winner will be announced next Thursday.

The better Blog Awards


When I posted on the reaction to the Qantas Media Awards blog finalists I suggested we come up with better Blog Awards.

I got an email telling me a couple of bloggers were working on it and the result is far, far better.

It’s the  Air New Zealand Best Blog Award  .

  The judges are:

Matthew Hooton – right wing extremist, political commentator and co-owner of PR agency Exceltium;
Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury – left wing extremist, media commentator and radio and TV host, co-author of Tumeke;
Ricardo Simich – director of
One Agency, marketing and events specialists;
Tim Selwyn – creator of the first NZ blog ranking system, co-author of
Tumeke; and
Regan Cunliffe – doesn’t need to pimp himself as a social media guru, but is from Throng and ffunnell.

No representatives or lackeys of “old media” in that lot and we have tried to cover all political spectrums so there is no accusations of bias.

I was giving the New Zealand Bloggers Union which is behind the awards full marks for audacity when I started reading. I awarded bonus points when I came to the fine print at the bottom.

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