Pure as


The Advertising Standards Authority has rejected a complaint about Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure slogan.

Environmental campaigner Peter Nuttall argued that research into the state of New Zealand’s environment contradicted the claims made in the tourism campaign. . .

In its decision, the Advertising Standards Authority said the slogan is a positioning statement, not an absolute claim.

The slogan is a very successful one for the tourism industry.

It uses the country’s natural beauty but it was never meant to be taken literally.

Nowhere is literally 100% pure, even in its natural state.

Decay and degeneration are part of nature too.

But New Zealand is as pure as it needs to be to sustain a very successful tourism advertising campaign for those sensible enough to take the slogan  figuratively.

Dark green radicals are attacking the slogan as part of their anti-people, anti-business political agenda.

By showing they’re stupid enough to take any advertising slogan literally they’re sabotaging their own credibility.

Is it black humour or is it offensive?


This ad for Stihl chainsaws is up before the Advertising Standards Authority.

Do you reckon it’s black humour or just offensive?

I think it’s both and whether the humour cancels out the offence is very much a matter of opinion.

There’s a poll on whether or not it’s offensive here.

Hat Tip: NBR

People do read election flyers


I’ve often wondered if anyone actually reads election flyers but at least two people do because they complained to the Advertising Standards Authority about the contents of a couple from Act.

Family Party candidate Samuel Dennis objected to Act’s claim that it was the only party opposed to the Emissions Trading Scheme when his party was too.

The ASA received a complaint from another recipient disputing claims Act made comparing violent crime in New Zealand and the USA.

Both complaints were upheld.

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