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Coalition of losers – Graeme Edgler the Legal Beagle at Public Address on the second place getter leading a government. Chris Trotter responds to this post with Dangerous Falsehoods  at Bowalley Road.

Changing or not – Progressive Turmoil on why procrastination isn’t always wrong.

Baby boomers lift share of job market: David Chaston at Interest.co.nz with stats and graphs on employment and population trends.

Book Aid International – A Cat of Impossible Colour reminds me not to take access to books for granted.

I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore Quote Unquote maps the USA states’ economic status.

Here they come again Morry Myna’s cartoon on the coming year.

Bedouin bush mechanics – Around the World’s desert adventures.

Did you see the one about . . .


(Brain) farting in church – Credo Quia Absurdum Est on politics at the school’s end-of-year mass. While you’re there he’s also got 10 top money savings tips for the new Stadium SOuthland.

Hypotheses please – Dim Post graphs mentions of NZ in Goggle’s new toy the ngram viewer.

Before you think about booking a cheap flight – laughs (and some bad language) at Brian Edwards Media.

Han(g)over for Lawyers – Cactus Kate writes an alternative media release.

A real live book – A Cat of Impossible Colour has the first copy of her book.

Did you see the one about . . .


University of life to introduce tuition fees – Newsbiscuit and also Apple claim the letter i and seek to take over the alphabet.

Time for some bull – Progressive Turmoil on mating (of the dairy kind).

Nature’s changing moods at Uluru at Larvatus Prodeo -if you click the link Magic at Uluru after rain that’s what you’ll see.

Poverty in poverty measures – Offsetting Behaviour on absolute and relative poverty and also testing whether we are liked –  why some people leave it to the last minute to reply to invitations..

Monday Inspiration – A Cat of Impossible Colour introduces the 10 + 2 x 5 technique for keeping you focussed and energised while working.

No I don’t like this Imperator Fish with Sir Cecil Worthington-Brown’s view on the royal engagement.

Did you see the one about . . .


Holidays at Oswald Bastable

What’s the Point of United Future? at Fairfacts Media (one in a series looking at NZ political parties).

 How to cook a hairy sausage at Quote Unquote.

It’s not okay to be blind drunk and expect police to be there at Cactus Kate.

Spot the criminal at Macdoctor.

Today’s referendum at Keeping Stock (also one in a series).

Read aloud to your children at NZ Conservative.

The Four Pillars at Fenemy.

Comics in the clinics at Not PC.

And a new (to me) blog: A cat of impossible colour  (Hat Tip: Open Parachute)

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