From Janet Frame’s home


Once a year I am rostered for duty at Janet Frame’s home, 56 Eden Street, Oamaru.

Today has been very quiet – just one other volunteer dropping off a message and the neighbour’s cat, Violet, have popped in.

Here’s a glimpse of some of what the hordes who aren’t coming would see:





Take a peep at Janet Frame’s home


One of the gems on the Janet Frame trail  in Oamaru  is the house at 56 Eden Street where she spent most of her childhood, 56 Eden Street, Oamaru, is open to the public every afternoon in summer.


The house is looked after by the Janet Frame Eden Street Trust  and volunteers staff it on Sundays.

It was my turn today and I was intrigued to see the Waitaki Girls’ uniform hanging in the wardrobe because it was the same as the one I wore when I went to school in the 1970s, 30 years after Janet was a pupil.

The hats were dropped in my fourth form but we still wore the coloured girdles to show which house we were in – the green was for Gibson.


I take it from the photo on the living room wall that the family voted Labour.


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