Three more bronzes

September 18, 2016

Two New Zealand paralympians have won three bronze medals to bring the country’s total to 21.

William Stedman has won bronze in the 400 metre sprint and 800m.

Emma Foy and her pilot Laura Thompson won their second medal in the Rio Paralympics with a bronze in the women’s road race.

New Zealand is now 12th in the medal tally with nine gold, five silver and seven bronze.

NZ Paralympians reach 18 medal target

September 16, 2016

Liam Malone has broken another record to win the 400 metre sprint and claim his second gold at the rio Paralympics..

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Jessica Hamill won a bronze medal in the shot put.

New Zealand has reached its medal goal of 18 and is ninth of the medal table with nine gold, five silver and four bronze.

Let’s also celebrate a New Zealand born and raised Australian:

An Australian war veteran born and raised in Queenstown was racing for a fallen comrade when he won the first Paralympic title in the men’s KL3 canoe sprint in Rio.

Like every time he competes, Curtis McGrath picked one of eight names of his fellow engineer soldiers who died in combat in Afghanistan since 2001, and raced for them, AAP reported.

McGrath (28) was born in Queenstown and attended Wakatipu High School before his family relocated to Brisbane, where he became a combat engineer.

He won the first Paralympic title in the men’s KL3 canoe sprint at Rio’s Lagoa Stadium yesterday. . . 

Gold & silver

September 14, 2016

Nikita Howarth has won gold in the Women’s 200m.

Sophie Pascoe won silver in the 100 meter freestyle, her 15th Paralympic medal.

New Zealand is now 6th on the medal table.


September 14, 2016

New Zealand flag bearer Holly Robinson won a silver medal in the javelin.

New Zealand is eighth on the medal table with 14 – seven gold, four silver and three bronze.

Gold and bronze

September 13, 2016

New Zealanders have had a very successful day in the water at the Rio Paralympics.

Liam Malone has won gold in the 200 metres and Nikita Howarth won a bronze medal in the 50 metre butterfly.

This follows golds for Sophie Pascoe and Cameron Leslie earlier in the day.

These take  New Zealand  to seventh place in the medal tally with  13 – seven gold, three silver and three bronze.

Two more golds

September 13, 2016

Sophie Pascoe has won her third Rio Paralympic gold  and Cameron Leslie won gold in the 100 metre medley.

That puts New Zealand ninth on the medal table with a total of 11 medals – 6 gold, three silver and two bronze.


Living hope

September 13, 2016

There’s the Olympics which get attention and Olympians who get the glory.

Then there’s the Paralympics which get less attention and Paralympians who are sometimes seen as lesser athletes than able-bodied ones.

*Robert Fulghum puts it better than I could:

The competitors at the Paralympics are people with no legs or arms who swim and row and cycle and run and jump. People who are blind and deaf and run races. People with Down Syndrome compete. There’s the guy who had no arms who won silver in archery, for god’s sake, and many of the participants have been torn apart in military combat and came back to compete with what was left of their bodies. . . 

The mantra of our times is that “we gotta have hope,” but the competitors at the Paralympics live hope. Hope is not an abstract ideal for them – it’s a reality created by courage and pain and determination and . . .

I am in awe of the determination, focus, hard work and sacrifice it takes to get to the top in any sport. Olympians or Paralympians – they’re all champions in my eyes.

* I encourage you to click on the link to read Fulghum’s post in full.

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