Household Guide To Dying


It’s not easy to write about death and dying. It is even more difficult to do it without becoming maudlin or resorting to cliches.

Debra Adelaide not only does it in The Household Guide to Dying she does it well.

Delia, the heroine of the story is the best-selling author of household guides. When she is diagnosed with terminal cancer she responds by writing about it with the same attention to detail she applied to domestic duties in her previous guides. The first-person account of living and dying is written with warmth, humour, depth of feeling and realism.

But realistic as it might be, The Household Guide is fiction. Over at Annie Fox, Anna Wolf is writing about real life dying. She not only does it well she does it without self pity. Her matter of fact approach to life with a brain tumour and her courage are both humbling and inspiring.

Riverstone Kitchen


Lauraine Jacobs waxed lyrical about the delights of Riverstone Kitchen  duirng her guest chef slot on Nine to Noon this morning.

The praise is well deserved. Chef Bevan Smith serves delicious food in simple but elegant surroundings. Most of the fruit and vegetables served are grown on the property and he features as much local produce as possible.

If you’ve time, a wander round the adjourning gift shop run by Bevan’s mother, Dot, is a delightful way to finish your visit.

Second Hand Wedding first rate film


A film in which a yellow mini has a cameo role? No, it’s not an update of Goodbye Pork Pie, but Second Hand Wedding is directed by Paul Murphy, whose father Geoff directed Pork Pie and I’d give it four stars.


It’s a gentle story about life, love, family and a mother with a penchant for garage sales. It may not make anyone think but it made me laugh and there were also moments when my eyes got moist – the reason for the latter escaped my farmer who was watching it with me, but he said he enjoyed it too.


Don’t rush away as soon as the credits roll, there’s a vignette among them to ensure you walk out of the theatre with a grin.


[Update: Poneke  gives a fuller and more fulsome review.

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