365 days of gratitude

October 20, 2018

If I had to choose just one of the appliances that makes my life so much easier than it was for people – usually women –  of previous generations it would be the washing machine.

Doing the laundry is no longer the long and arduous task it used to be when it had to be done by hand or in earlier machines like the one my mother had when I was a child, with a wringer.

Modern machines are automatic, do the washing in a fraction of the time and leave the clothes dry enough not to drip.

When working properly they also do their work without wetting anything else but Mine developed a leak that left a puddle after every wash.

Neither my farmer nor I could work out the source of the leak.

We called a plumber who called in, checked the machine, said it wasn’t plumbing and recommended an appliance specialist.

We called him, he called in, checked the machine and said there was nothing wrong with it.

Next time I did the washing another large puddle appeared under the machine.

I mopped it up and re-summoned the specialist who came again and again said there was nothing wrong.

Next time I did the washing an even larger puddle appeared.

I mopped it up. It was too late to call anyone but later still I was getting something from the cupboard under the sink beside the washing machine when I noticed water in a vase and bucket.

That indicated the water was coming from a higher place. I looked up and noticed water dripping on the hose that connected the tap to the washing machine.

I called the plumber again. He called again, replaced the hose and solved the problem.

Today I’m grateful my washing machine is working as it should and not washing the clothes without washing the floor.

365 days of gratitude

October 19, 2018

Today I’m grateful for tulips in our garden.

365 days of gratitude

October 18, 2018

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. – Albert Einstein

Tonight I’m grateful for family and friends who can be trusted with matters of importance great and small.

365 days of gratitude

October 17, 2018

When fine motor skills were being distributed I was somewhere else.

That doesn’t stop me appreciating what other people can do with their hands, be it art, craft or other handiwork.

As I sit at my computer I’m overlooked by several paintings. One was a birthday present, another a gift from the artist, the others are of Vejer de la Frontera, the wee town in south west Andalusia where we lived for three and a half months and to which we’ve returned several times.

Tonight I’m grateful for other people’s artistic talent and the happy memories their work inspires.

365 days of gratitude

October 16, 2018

A call from a friend last night reminded me that tickets to NZ HOuse & Garden’s house and garden tour in and around Oamaru went on sale today.

One of the properties on the tour is Dot and Neil Smith’s Riverstone Castle which I thought would make the tour is very popular so I got on the website first thing this morning and got the 10 tickets I had orders for friends, my farmer and me.

When I checked the website a few minutes ago I found they Oamaru tickets had  all sold out.

The tours are always popular but I suspect this is the first time one has sold out so quickly.

Tonight I’m grateful for the call from my friend that prompted me to get tickets in time for what will be a wonderful day.

365 days of gratitude

October 15, 2018

International Rural Women’s  Day, gives me cause to appreciate how much better life is for a rural woman in New Zealand than it is for the many in other parts of the world.

It’s not something I take for granted and it is something for which I”m grateful.

365 days of gratitude

October 14, 2018

I’ve always envied people who sleep easily. Their brains must be cleaner, the floorboards of the skull well swept, all the little monsters closed up in a steamer trunk at the foot of the bed. ― David BenioffCity of Thieves

I don’t often sleep easily, whether or not it’s because my brain isn’t clean, the skull’s floorboards aren’t well swept and at least some of the little monsters aren’t closed in a steamer trunk.

But I do generally get enough sleep and tonight I know I’m tired enough to sleep well and for that I’m grateful.

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