365 days of gratitude

June 22, 2018

This was the scene that greeted me when I started my walk this morning.

Today I’m grateful the fog lifted and the sun shone.


365 days of gratitude

June 21, 2018

Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.

At 10:07 tonight NZ time, the sun will be at its northern most point.

Tomorrow won’t be noticeably lighter and we often get more wintry weather after the solstice than before it.

But day by day the days will be getting lighter and I’m grateful for that.

365 days of gratitude

June 20, 2018

TV3 and several other channels disappeared from our Freeview box.

I tried various options with the remote which got me nowhere then did a search online.

That led to an 0800 number which gave me a recorded voice telling me they didn’t do technical help and I should call the people who supplied the box.

A search through the folder that holds receipts and instruction books was fruitless so I got back online and found the supplier and another 0800 number.

It was answered within a few rings and a couple of if-you-want-this-push-thats later I was talking to a real human.

He talked me through a fix and within a very few minutes the lost channels were back again.

Dealing with technology faults and call centres usually does unpleasant things to my tension levels, but this time the help line really did help and I’m grateful for that.

365 days of gratitude

June 19, 2018

North Otago tends to get a lot of blue sky cold – a frost followed by sun in clear blue skies.

It is a wee bit chilly early in the morning but the sun warms us up.

Unusually we’ve had a run of cloud and muzzle – misty drizzle – when it stays cold all day.

Last night the sky cleared, we woke up to a light frost and have had a sunny day.

Everything looks brighter and it definitely feels warmer and for that I’m very grateful.

365 days of gratitude

June 18, 2018

When I think of family . .

That was the prompt for a writing exercise on Saturday.

My thoughts were all positive. I know that’s not the norm for everyone, it was good to be reminded that it is the norm for me and be grateful for it.

365 days of gratitude

June 17, 2018

Come in and sit by the fire.

I accepted the invitation, enjoyed the chat that came with it and am grateful for the warmth of both.

365 days of gratitude

June 16, 2018

Take 11 women with a wide variety of life experiences.

Add tutor poet and memoirist Diane Brown.

Mix with exercises to suit the theme: Muse over Memoir.

Blend thoughtfully for five hours.

Drive home with gratitude for the inspiration and creativity.

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