365 days of gratitude

March 20, 2018

Hosting visitors brings many rewards, not least of which is seeing well known sights through others’ eyes.

The fresh view of familiar scenes brings a new appreciation for which I’m grateful.


365 days of gratitude

March 19, 2018

We got home on Saturday after 12 days away to find the motor that runs the heating was off and so was the fridge.

Power had been lost for long enough to enable everything in the freezer below the fridge to melt.

But the freezer isn’t very big and all we lost were egg yolks left over from meringues I’d been saving for a dog; bread and some berries.

It would have been much worse if the stand-alone freezer had lost power and I’m very grateful that it didn’t.

365 days of gratitude

March 19, 2018

Whoops – forgot to do this last night but for the best of reasons.

We spent yesterday introducing a young Argentinean couple to the delights of North Otago – Oamaru Farmers’ Market and historic precinct, Fleurs Place at Moeraki and the seals past the lighthouse.

I was too busy enjoying their enjoyment of our district to think about social media and I’m grateful for that.

365 days of gratitude

March 17, 2018

Highlanders 25 – Crusaders 18.

A hard game, a good one for spectators and a well deserved win.

So many times the Highlanders win the first half but the Crusaders win the second.

Tonight the blue and gold team held on to its lead for which I’m grateful.

365 days of gratitude

March 16, 2018

A parcel addressed to Kay and Philip, on a farm, situated up a long drive with cows, opposite Cust pub or thereabouts” got to where it was meant to go.

That’s not the first time a rural mail deliverer has delivered a vaguely addressed item to the correct recipient.

Melanie Dalton said her family owned a large and “very distinctive” white goat they kept tethered on a long wire across from their house in Balclutha, a small town in Otago.

“We got a letter years ago asking for the letter to be delivered to “the old house with the pretty garden … across the road from the big white goat with one horn. We got the letter!”

Another said she once got a letter with her name, Lisa Norrie, and “the butterfly house opposite the school” as the address.

A New Zealand Post spokeswoman said mail addressed to vague addresses, such as “Grandma on Main Street”, occasionally slipped through the system.

“Sometimes the local knowledge of those working in our postal network does help locate the correct address to deliver these items to. . .

Many years ago a letter addressed to my farmer and me by our first names at a farm near Windsor got to us.

Such tales are a positive reflection on the people who work in the postal system and the benefits of living in spare self populated places and I’m grateful for both.

365 days of gratitude

March 15, 2018

Learning another language helps you understand another culture, part of which is humour.

One of the bonuses of learning Spanish has been the introduction to Argentinian cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, who is better known as Quino, and his creation Malfalda.

She’s a feisty six-year-old with a love of the Beatles, a hatred of soup and a strong social conscience.

She makes me think and she makes me laugh and I’m grateful for that.

Image may contain: text

The Beatles! How can you like them if you don’t understand what they say?

And? Half the world likes dogs and to this day, no-one knows what they want when they say woof.

My Spanish isn’t up to understanding all the cartoons word for word, but I get the gist of most of them and when I don’t can resort to English translations.

mafalda, buenos aires, cartoon, comic, argentina

I have to do my homework. I have to make a delivery for the shop. And I have to go watch my TV programme. 

So we’ve only got time to play nuclear war, right? Yes.


This modern life makes our games even shorter.

mafalda, buenos aires, cartoon, comic, argentina


From this humble little chair I make an impassioned call for world peace.

Anyway, these days I think the Vatican, the UN and my little chair have the same powers of persuasion.


365 days of gratitude

March 14, 2018

Sometimes a little thing can become a big thing, especially if it’s stuck between your teeth.

Tonight I’m grateful for dental floss.

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