We remember


Six years ago at 12:51 Christchurch and the Canterbury hinterland were struck by an earthquake.

It’s easy for those of us who don’t live there to underestimate the on-going impact of it.

Friends are still arguing with their insurance company, the centre of the city is only very slowly coming back to life and the physical, emotional, and financial impacts are still being felt.

Today we remember Christchurch, Canterbury, the 185 people who died, their family and friends, the people who helped, and those who are still helping.

Kia Kaha.

From drought to shakes


Recent and repeated rain has brought some hope to drought-stricken North Canterbury but now it’s been hit by an earthquake.

Around midnight on Monday 14 November a magnitude 7.5 earthquake occurred 15 km northeast of Culverden in the South Island, at a depth of 15 km. Since then, there have been several severe earthquakes in the Seddon and Kaikoura region. Strong earthquakes have been felt in Wellington. Early indications are that the quakes originated from the Hope Fault.

The Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management (MCDEM) has issued a tsunami warning and land threat from East Cape to Southland, including Wellington (which also includes the Cook Straight area), Marlborough Sounds/Tasman Bay and the Chatham Islands, and a marine and beach threat for all other New Zealand coastal areas.
The first tsunami waves have arrived but it is too early to know what damage or casualties there may have been. Further waves should be expected and may be larger or more dangerous. See the map for more information.

New Zealanders should stay off the beaches, stay out of the water, and not go sightseeing. People are encouraged to keep themselves informed and follow the advice of their local civil defence groups as the situation develops around the country. Spread the word to any family or friends who are living or staying near the coast. Information can be found through radio, TV and social media. If you have been advised to evacuate, follow your local tsunami evacuation procedures.

The response is currently being managed by local authorities. The National Crisis Management Centre has been activated to coordinate central government support as needed. Ministry of Civil Defence Emergency Management, and civil defence groups will continue to issue advice and updates as we have them. Follow @NZCivilDefence or Facebook NZ Get Thru for our latest information.

Police report two deaths:

Police continue to work with other emergency services and support communities in response to the earthquake which occurred just after midnight.

One casualty has been reported at a collapsed property in Kaikora. Police are also trying to access a property at Mt Lyford north of Christchurch where a further casualty has been reported, which is believed to be a fatality.

Police districts in the North and South Island are working with fire and civil defence to check areas where damage has occurred. . . 

Wellington City Council has advised people not to travel into the city this morning. . . 

Friends from overseas were on the 10th floor of a hotel in central Wellington and were both literally and figuratively very shaken.

In North Otago we were woken by low level rumbling which lasted a couple of minutes.


The earth moved


The piano started creaking, there was a rumble and the lights began to swing.

My first thought was Christchurch, but Geonet tells me the earthquake was 30 kilometres west of Wanaka and it was severe:

  • Map showing earthquake location.
Intensity severe
NZST Mon, May 4 2015, 2:29:10 pm
Depth 5 km
Magnitude 6.0
Location 30 km north-west of Wanaka

The eagle has landed


Taking the shaking with you


Earthquake recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee wouldn’t need any reminders that today is the third anniversary of the first Canterbury earthquakes, but he got one anyway.

On Facebook he wrote:

Landed in Japan just in time for a 6.5 earthquake. While I do always take work with me on trips, this was a little unexpected
Fortunately since the 1980’s Japan has had very tight building codes and its citizens and media are well trained in reaction to quakes.

Sounds like a song: Taking the Shaking With You.

Quake cluster


Geonet records the earthquakes in central New Zealand in the last couple of days.



Fit for the job


What do you do when you’re the Minister of Civil Defence, on you way to the airport and traffic congestion makes returning to Civil Defence HQ difficult?

A Facebook post from the Minister, Nikki Kaye explains:

Big day, was heading to the airport to go to Auckland when 6.6 earthquake hit. Headed back to Wellington, due to traffic jogged back to beehive and bunker.
It’s not every Minister who would be able to jog to where she was needed but this one did complete the Coast to Coast earlier in the year.
She’s fit for the job, in every sense of the word.

Series of quakes rocks central NZ


Geonet has recorded a series of earthquakes near Seddon.

The strongest measured 6.2.

Smaller ones rue recorded near Levin and Taihape.

NewsTalk ZB has live updates.

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