1001st comment


The 1001st comment was posted on Homepaddock at 12.58 today.

It was made by Inventory 2 from Keeping Stock on the post about the election date.

For those of you who like numbers: I started blogging on April 22nd, it took nearly a month before the first comment was made. The most comments on a single post was 16 – and  that happened this week on and today’s excuse is…

Thanks to all of you who leave your thoughts, a lot of the fun in blogging comes from reading them – even the ones that disagree with me 🙂

2000 comments & where to now


In the post election euphoria I overlooked the posting of the 2000th comment so I counted back and discovered it was a compliment from Adolf of No Minister  left on the failed policies of the noughties on Monday.

I started blogging at the end of April and it took more than four months to get 100 comments, the 1001st comment was posted by Inventory 2 of Keeping Stock on September 12 .

That the next 1000 came in less than half that time is pleasing, but to keep it in perspective Kiwiblog probably gets that many in two or three days.

Still, this isn’t a competition, it’s just a bit of fun and that’s what I’ve been having. However, I’ve been thinking about where to from now and there will be a little less politics and a lot more life so I’ll be reducing the quantity of posts with the aim of increasing the quality.

I appreciate the feedback, even – and sometimes especially – when it takes a contrary view to mine, so I hope you’ll keep dropping by and if the mood takes, leaving your thoughts.

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