Questions Answers

Robert Fulghum writes of Questions and Answers:

Suppose I invited you to my house for dinner and conversation.
If it was for the first time, I would tell you the rules.
Be prepared to answer two questions:

    1. What book have you been reading? (bring the book)
    2. What, besides the news-noise of the times, have you been thinking about?

The food and wine will be superb – bring nothing.
There will be five guests, plus me – six of us in all.
There will be an after-dinner symposium.

That may sound dictatorial or controlling.
Right. My house. My rules.
To be sure, I’m not averse to convivial dinner table conversation.
Small talk and local gossip are the social lubricants that put us all at ease and open the doors to memorable after-dinner engagements.
Your personal news is welcome – during dinner.

But you’ve been invited because I respect your mind and thought.
And I don’t want to miss the good stuff you carry with you.
I want to end the evening feeling I have learned something useful.
A successful evening always ends well when someone suddenly says “I can’t believe how late it is – and I don’t want to go home.” . . 

Clicking on the link above will let you read the rest – though you need to do it soon as these journal entries stay for a limited time.

The writer is the author of several books including ALl I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

One Response to Questions Answers

  1. Gravedodger says:

    The Kirk Diaries, Margaret Heywood.
    Too easy to forget how much more capable and with a clear ideal to make New Zealand a better place.
    A total absence of Political graduates and even the Union backgrounds had actually had a taste of atual work.
    Not much by way of media persons either


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