Happily ever after?

In fairy tales people marry and live happily ever after.

That isn’t always the case in real life as Robert Fulghum relates in and then what happened?


For many years I served as an ordained Unitarian minister in churches in the Pacific Northwest. During that time, I officiated at more than a thousand weddings. Many changes have come to pass over the years. Nowadays anybody can marry anybody else, with only age as a legal issue. And anybody can officiate. My services are no longer needed. Sometimes I wonder what happened to those couples who vowed to love, honor, and obey – to love until death parted them. Yesterday I received a letter from one couple providing an answer to my wondering. It’s too long to share in full – I’ll need to summarize.

The letter was written on the occasion of a couple’s fortieth wedding anniversary – they wed on Thanksgiving Day, 1982. Celebrated in the home of the bride at a gathering of both large families.
A mixed marriage.
She was half Chinese and half German. His father was Jewish and his mother was Italian. But all were third-generation Americans with no strong religious affiliations. The couple met in graduate school, had lived together for a while, and, unknown to anyone else but them, were already expecting a child.
The families approved of the marriage – and it was a fine occasion.

And then what happened?

Twins were born – a boy and a girl. Time went on.
When the son and daughter left for college, the father had a career offer he could not refuse – but it meant he would move to Boston. The wife did not want to leave her work and move.
But more than that, after twenty years, the couple acknowledged that their marriage was no longer satisfying or workable. They agreed to live separate lives. They also agreed not to divorce unless one or the other wished to remarry. Without going into detail, the letter explained that both had relationships with other companions but didn’t find anyone they wanted to marry. . . 

Why have I stopped there?

I thought I had read a message on the website saying it was okay to use what he had written providing it was attributed.

I can no longer find that and as the journal entries are uploaded for a limited time I thought it was only fair to the author not to copy the whole piece but give a teaser and let you follow the link to find about what happened next.

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