Lesley Elliott 1946 – 20.11.22

Lesley Elliott MBE, ,campaigner against domestic violence,  has died.

The founder of the Sophie Elliott Foundation died on Sunday at age 76.

Mrs Elliot had been a vocal advocate for abuse awareness since her daughter Sophie Elliott, then a 22-year-old student, was stabbed to death in Dunedin by her former boyfriend in 2008.

Following the death of her daughter, Mrs Elliott set up the foundation to raise awareness of the signs of domestic violence.

She travelled across New Zealand delivering talks to community groups and schools.

She wrote two books on the issue, Sophie’s Legacy and Loves Me Not — How to Keep Relationships Safe, and tens of thousands of copies were given away. . . 

Lesley could have been overwhelmed by her grief and become bitter. Instead she used the violent death of her daughter to educate others to help save them from becoming victims of violence.

She was a living example of how good can come from tragedy and that grief can be a catalyst for helping others.

One Response to Lesley Elliott 1946 – 20.11.22

  1. Catharine Franks says:

    Lesley and Gil both used their devastating grief over Sophie’s murder to help others. Lesley saved young people from abusive relationships and warned others off. Gil worked with the victims of serious crime through Sensible Sentencing. Both were amazing, considering what had happened to their daughter. Lesley was a marvellous woman who has died too early. I guess her heart was broken too.


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