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Suze Redmayne Nat candidate for Rangitikei


National has selected Suze Redmayne as its candidate for Rangitikei:

Suze Redmayne has been selected by local party members as National’s Rangitīkei candidate for the 2023 General Election.

Ms Redmayne owns and operates award-winning lamb brand Coastal Lamb with her husband Richard from their farm ‘Tunnel Hill’ in Turakina. She has also served as a trustee of the Whanganui Community Foundation and is currently a trustee of Sport Whanganui.

“It’s an honour to be selected as National’s Rangitīkei candidate. I’m getting to work straight away,” Ms Redmayne says.

“Rangitīkei is one of the biggest general electorates in the country. I’ve been farming at Turakina for 26 years and I’ll be working incredibly hard to meet as many people as I can from Taumarunui in the north to Shannon in the south so I can earn the right to advocate for them on the issues that matter.

“Labour’s spending is skyrocketing – $1 billion more every week than under National – but outcomes are getting worse. This rampant wasteful spending is fueling inflation and making everything more expensive for families across the country. National will restore discipline to government spending, address the cost-of-living crisis and take New Zealand forward.

“As a farmer and business owner, I’m passionate about our rural communities and the issues that affect us. What we’ve seen from Labour lately is a government that doesn’t respect our farmers and the towns that rely on them. People in Rangitīkei tell me they’re sick of Labour’s Wellington-knows-best approach when it comes to centralising our water assets, polytechs and health services.

Ms Redmayne says what Kiwis rightly want is a government focused on addressing these issues and delivering for them.

“Christopher Luxon delivers and his National Government will do exactly that. My priority now is to meet as many people across Rangitīkei as I can so I can earn the right to advocate for them as their strong local MP in an energised National team.

“I’d like to thank Ian McKelvie for his many years of service to our region and wish him and Sue all the best for what comes next.”

This is a good selection for the party, and the country.

Both will benefit from her farming knowledge and business and community experience.

With the current government so anti-farming and farmers, it will be a relief to have another MP who will be an advocate for farming and rural communities.

Ian disproved the truism that mayors don’t make good MPs and has earned his retirement.

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