Another delivery failure

If only this was a script for a satirical political television show :

Overseas-based Kiwis are “confused” and “embarrassed” at being told they would receive the Government’s cost-of-living payment tomorrow and critics say including those living out of New Zealand in the scheme is “disrespectful” to hard-working taxpayers.

Kiwis as far afield as the Netherlands, Sydney, London and Dubai have expressed their concern to National’s Nicola Willis, who said many of them felt guilty and that they did not deserve the money.

One man working in Dubai had not been a New Zealand resident for nearly 22 years, yet received the same email as more than 2.1 million Kiwis: that his first payment would be in his account within the next two days. His mother contacted the Herald irate at what she said was “incredible wastage of our taxpayers’ money”.

Numerous members of a Facebook group for French travellers in New Zealand also received the payment email despite no longer being in the country. One person had been away for 13 months while others’ visas had been cancelled so they couldn’t see how they were eligible. . .

If the government had developed its policy with the necessary rigour and regard for careful spending they wouldn’t be eligible.

Labour’s Band Aid cost of living payment is so badly designed that people living and paying tax in other countries woke up this morning to a letter from IRD saying Kiwis’ cash is on its way, National’s Finance spokesperson Nicola Willis says.

“I have been inundated with messages from people around the world who have been shocked to learn, by way of letter from the IRD, that they will be getting a cash handout courtesy of the Kiwi taxpayer.

“Many of these people are New Zealanders who’ve been working and paying tax overseas for many years. Others are migrants, who came to New Zealand on a working visa, but have since returned to their home country. They didn’t expect the payment, they didn’t ask for it and most are stunned at the suggestion they’ll be receiving it.

“This is another shambolic rollout from a Labour Government that repeatedly treats taxpayers’ money with disrespect.

“New Zealanders will be shocked to learn that their hard-earned dollars are being sprayed around the world in a surprise lottery.

Would there be any other use of scarce public funds than this?

“The Band Aid payment was a policy made on the fly, belatedly responding to the cost of living crisis Labour had previously sought to deny.

“Both the Treasury and IRD warned Ministers not to go ahead saying it would be administratively complex.

“Despite the warnings, the Government pressed go regardless and Kiwis are now paying the price for that arrogance.

“The Minister of Finance is accountable for this debacle. How many people are getting this payment who shouldn’t be and what will the Government do about it?”

If the scriptwriters for Yes Prime Minister are looking for inspiration they would find plenty in New Zealand.

But this is no laughing matter.

It’s yet another example of the government’s wasteful spending, disregard for taxpayers’ money and inability to develop good policy and deliver on it.

We can’t afford this government.


3 Responses to Another delivery failure

  1. pdm1946 says:

    HP – herein lies the objective.

    It is only taxpayers (borrowed) money and who knows it might result in a few extra votes for Labour.

    In short that was the only cost/benefit analysis undertaken.


  2. Heather Adam says:

    Is there a competition for the most stupid law passed by this government ?


  3. Lloyd Mc says:

    Christopher Luxon’s minor Te Puke/Hawaii social media faux pas pales into total insignificance compared to this gargantuan stuff up!


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