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Boujee – luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character; marked by a concern for wealth, possessions, and respectability; a person who pretends to lead luxurious lifestyle, meaninglessly spend a lot of money on flashy trifles but in fact, he is still connected with her/his poor roots; someone who is upwardly mobile and in a higher class.

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Who will it help?


The Act creating a new health system has passed its third reading.

It begs the question, how will it help the frontline?

. . .National’s Dr Shane Reti said the reform would not do anything for the 36,000 people waiting four months to see a specialist.

“They only see an ideological health reform in the middle of a pandemic, and at a time when New Zealanders are still dying from Covid every single day. The timing is terrible,” he said.

Despite the third reading being essentially the big rubber stamp that didn’t stop the opposition putting the boot in.

National’s mental health spokesman Matt Doocey called it a “vanity project,” while its rural communities spokesperson Nicola Grigg said: “It’s finishing up as nothing but the shifting of the deck chairs on the Titanic.” . . 

The health system is sick and this extensive and expensive reorganisation is not the right prescription to cure it.

It won’t solve the critical shortage of medical, nursing and other staff.

It won’t improve their working conditions and pay.

It won’t help the waiting times at emergency departments.

It won’t make it any easier, or faster, for people to get diagnosed and treated.

It won’t help people access treatments available overseas but not here.

So who will it help?

No-one but the people who will get new jobs in the new centralised bureaucracy and given the challenges they’ll face, it probably won’t help them either.


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