People don’t want big spend up

A Curia poll for the Taxpayers’ Union shows most people don’t want the government to increase its spending.

Given the current levels of inflation, do you think the Government should continue to
increase overall spending in this year’s budget, or keep it about the same?

. . . Should Govt increase spending or keep the same:
Increase spending 152 15%
Keep it the same 643 65%
Unsure 200 20%
Total 995 100%

Only 15% of respondents wants overall spending in the Budget to increase compared to 65%
who want it to stay at current levels, with 20% unsure. . . 

Only 27% of Labour and Green voters wants the Government to increase spending while
inflation is high. Of undecided voters only 8% want an increase in spending.

Net support for increasing spending by party is:
1. Greens -21%
2. Labour -25%
3. Undecideds -61%
4. National -70%
5. ACT -76%

The public is more concerned about inflation and the deteriorating state of the economy than the government which is planning to announce plans for big spending in today’s Budget.

The only cause for optimism is that the government is much better at announcing and planning to plan than doing.

This could mean most of the spending won’t have been undertaken before next year’s election when voters will have a stark choice between the old high spending government and a new one that understands the importance of reducing the burden of the state to help individuals and businesses get ahead.

2 Responses to People don’t want big spend up

  1. pdm1946 says:

    `The only cause for optimism is that the government is much better at announcing and planning to plan than doing.’

    HP – the problem with that is that taxpayers lose both arms and both legs with the costs of the consultants doing the planning for the future announcements of future announcements.

    Usually as much as or close to the costings originally announced.

    Black Holes have nothing on this Government.


  2. Mike Webber says:

    Unfortunately National are also big spenders who have increased tax as a percentage of GDP in every term they have been in Government except one. Just about as bad and they also want to impose the global cooling, warming, climate change scam on to us.


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