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Sordor- physical or moral sordidness; a state of being very dirty of depressingly poor; filth; dregs; refuse; sordes.

Rural round-up


Feds backs withdrawal from governments archaic pay agreement laws :

Federated Farmers supports Business New Zealand’s decision to opt out of the government’s plans for it to be a partner in implementing so-called ‘Fair Pay’ agreements.

Federated Farmers has already indicated it will not function as a mediator for the government’s flawed pay negotiation scheme.

It fully supports Business New Zealand’s decision.
“We support them and for the same reasons they outline we will also refuse to be a negotiating partner for agricultural employers.

“We call on other agricultural organizations to take a similar stance,” employment spokesperson and national board member Chris Lewis says. . .

Fonterra’s Flexible Shareholding structure gets green light from farmers :

Fonterra shareholders have today given the Co-operative’s new capital structure proposal the green light with 85.16% of the total farmer votes in support of the proposal.

The final votes on the capital structure proposal were cast at a Special Meeting in Invercargill early this afternoon.

Chairman Peter McBride says the Board and Management are united in the belief that the Flexible Shareholding structure is the best course of action for the Co-operative.

“Today our farmers have agreed. We have received a strong mandate for change with 85.16% of votes cast in favour of the proposal and 82.65% of eligible votes being cast, , 

Rural schools cry out for mental health support – Matthew Scott:

Without proper access to mental health services for students, teachers in rural schools are left putting out fires

On paper, it was a dream job.

Sarah* had taught at an urban intermediate school for six years before packing up and moving to the country.

Her new school in rural Manawatu meant teaching a class of 18 students rather than her old class of 31. . . 

New Zealand red meat exports increase by 27 percent:

The value of New Zealand’s red meat sector exports reached $693 million during October, a 27 per cent increase year-on-year, according to an analysis by the Meat Industry Association (MIA).

Sheepmeat was a standout performer with the value increasing by 25 per cent to $309m. The major sheepmeat markets by value were China, up 25 per cent to $131m, the United States, up 54 per cent to $46m, and the Netherlands, up 94 per cent to $29m.

Sirma Karapeeva, chief executive of MIA, said a mixture of supply constraints and good demand in key markets had contributed to the high sheepmeat prices. These factors included Brexit-related issues and Australia rebuilding its sheep flock.

“The average Free on Board* (FOB) value for sheepmeat exports for the quarter was $12.52/kg,” said Ms Karapeeva. . .

Forest Owners say Fish and Game barking up wrong tree :

The Forest Owners Association says Fish and Game’s criticism of exotic plantation forests doesn’t accord with reality.

“Fish and Game is, quite simply, barking up the wrong tree when it invents what it calls a ‘myriad of adverse impacts’ from exotic forests,” says Phil Taylor, the FOA President.

“It is true that forests moderate rainfall entering waterways – which reduces the risk of floods. But that also applies to native trees – which Fish and Game wants a lot more of – as well as to exotics – which Fish and Game wants less of.”

“The same applies to water quality. Water emerging out of forests is cleaner than that flowing off farmland – irrespective of the type of forest or type of farmland,” Phil Taylor says. . .

Te Mata Exports acquire rights to Bay Queen™ Apple:

New Zealand produce exporter, Te Mata Exports Limited, has acquired the exclusive rights to a new early season apple variety.

Developed by Hawke’s Bay growing operation, Bayley Produce, the Bay Queen™ is New Zealand’s earliest export apple variety. Bay Queen™ has a vibrant bright full block red colour with crisp flesh and it’s smooth, sweet balance makes it broadly appealing.

Te Mata Exports and Bayley Produce have enjoyed a close working relationship for 10 years, originally partnering to manage the global sale and distribution of apples and summerfruit, and more recently working together to trial and commercialise the Bay Queen™.

The exclusive rights will see Te Mata Exports manage all tree distribution, planting, exporting and marketing. . . .

Where does government money come from?


Pierre Poilievre is a Canadian MP.

If an MP here asked the same question would they get a more satisfactory answer?

Undermining democracy


Te Pāti Māori Co-Leader Rawiri Waititi has submitted a Bill to allow Māori voters to switch between the Māori and non-Māori electoral rolls at any time.

“Our electoral law is archaric. It’s discriminatory. It’s anti-democratic. It’s racist,” said Waititi.

Having special seats based on race is racist but that isn’t what he’s criticising.

“There are only two opportunities for Māori to choose electoral rolls; either at the time of initial enrolment OR during the Māori electoral option period, which takes place over a four month period every five to six years. . .

There are only two opportunities for everyone else to choose an electorate – when they first register and when they move into another electorate.

“Opposing this Bill is consciously choosing to breach Te Tiriti o Waitangi, consciously choosing to contribute to the continued marginalisation of Tangata Whenua and consciously supporting racism against Tangata Whenua in Aotearoa. Our mokopuna expect and deserve better from all of us.”

Opposing this Bill is consciously choosing to stand up for democracy and to treat everyone the same.

Electoral boundaries are based on population and set every six years after the census.

Allowing people to switch between the Maori and general rolls at any time could push the population of an electorate over or under the 5% tolerance that is the maximum permitted for setting boundaries.

It could also allow people to switch for a by-election and thereby influence the outcome, then change back. There’s a word for that – gerrymandering.

It would be undermining democracy by granting some people rights not available to others and undermining the integrity of the boundary setting process.

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