More vaccinated in hospital but


More people in hospital are vaccinated than unvaccinated, but that tells only part of the story.

The other part is that more people are vaccinated but a bigger proportion of the unvaccinated are hopsitalised (50%) with Covid-19 than vaccinated (10%):

One Response to More vaccinated in hospital but

  1. Andrei says:

    Shame on you for posting that propaganda

    The numbers are made up – 50% of the unvaccinated population do not end up in hospital “with Covid”, nothing like that

    The idea is sound that is the vaxed outnumber the unvaxed and therefore outnumber the unvaxed in hospital

    But the picture is far more complex than that, the unvaxed demographics differ from the vaxed for a start. And then you have the confounding factors such as which patients are in hospital as a result of a COVID infection and which patients is the COVID diagnosis incidental to their reasons for being there.

    You cannot draw any conclusions one way or the other from the data that is publicly available and data that has been deliberately obfuscated in order to make reasoned debate impossible.

    That is just a shit graphic with no real meaning


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