Some religions more equal

As the likelihood of Chris Luxon leading National grew, so too did criticism of his religion.

Almost every interview since he became leader canvassed that and most did it as if they were investigating something foreign and somewhat suspect.

Am I the only one to see the irony of this from people who don’t question the imposition of prayers in Maori at many official events or the annual mixing of church and state with the political pilgrimage to Ratana?

Does anyone doubt the questioning would be much softer, the suspicion much less overt and more polite for Christians if they were also Maori or Pacifica?

Who doubts that they would be far gentler on an adherent of another faith, and that being an atheist or agnostic would have gone unremarked?

These days, some religions are more equal than others.

Simon Bridges made this point in his memoir National Identity (p261):

Note that I say Christinas are the new pariahs. . . For some reason, Kiwis today are more comfortable with religions that our culture has traditionally had little to do with than they are with the religion our has traditionally had little to do with than they are with the religion our country was founded on . . 

Overall though, officially, New Zealand has become a post-Christian secular society. Your average Governor-General would choke on her cucumber sandwiches were a prayer or Bible reading incorporated. Well, with one very significant exception. In recent years with the public renaissance of Maori culture, most public events will have a religious dimension in a Maori parry or karakia. . . There is an exquisite irony in what’s happened here. Our public servants and civic leaders, who’d spit on the ground during a Pakeha’s Christian prayer, beam like Cherhire Cats when the same is done in te reo. I love this. God works in mysterious ways and he clearly has a sense of humour. . . 

Those haranguing – and that’s not too strong a word – Chris Luxon on his religion and views on conscience issues like abortion, euthanasia and conversion theory – would be most unlikely to question people of other faiths so belligerently.

Perhaps they’ve forgotten, if they ever knew, just how much our culture and laws owe to Judeo-Christian mores.

And what does it say about them that Luxon’s Christianity is far more an issue than Jacinda Ardern’s socialism?

4 Responses to Some religions more equal

  1. Heather Adam says:

    Chris Luxon is obviously seen as a threat.


  2. pdm1946 says:

    Obviously it is okay for Jacinda Ardern to drop the Mormon faith she grew up with.


  3. Andrei says:

    This was the first question he was asked at his presser, by Tova or Jessica? It was one of the terrible two I’m not sure which

    Q: What part does religion play in your life and what part will it play in your leadership?

    A: Yeah, I really appreciate the question because to be honest my faith has been misrepresented and portrayed very negatively and what I can tell you about is that my faith has grounded me, it’s given me ah context, put me into context something bigger than myself, but I want to be very clear, we have separation between politics and faith, people shouldn’t be selecting an MP because of their faith and they shouldn’t be not selecting an MP because of their faith, it’s important that everyone understands I am here to represent all of New Zealanders, ah not just not people of one faith or one interest and that’s no different from any other MP or leader that is in this Parliament as well

    And that was a terrible answer, Mr Luxon came across as diffident and apologetic – he had clearly prepped and that was the best he could do?

    Seriously squishy

    If Chris Luxon wants to be Prime Minister he needs to be a staunch defender of his Faith and not allow those scatty women reporters put him on the back foot the way they did

    I literally cringed when I heard that exchange

    Jessica and Tova might find Christianity and its values suspect but they are just two exceptionally silly and vapid women and Chris Luxon doesn’t need to care what they think, he needs to care what normal people think and treat them with the contempt they deserve

    Why didn’t he just answer that Christianity was central to who he is and remind them that Michael Joseph Savage, who founded New Zealand’s Welfare State was a practicing Catholic and move on to the next question?


  4. Gravedodger says:

    The MSM questioning of Luxon’s faith might have slightly greater validity if there had been exposure of Ardern’s farewell speech to Socialist World Youth in 2008 where she used the well established communist term “Comrade” 15 times in seven minutes. That speech represents a far greater implied threat to a Democratic Nation only amplified since the last election and the delivery of an absolute majority to her party, who campaigned solely on their response to The Rona and did not publicise any of the now well advanced ultra socialist moves and an attempted racial division just too adjacent to the now discredited internationally, Apartheid system of The Republic of South Africa. The crickets emanating from that incident are deafening yet of far greater emphasis as to a personal belief that might impact on how such fervour may influence decision making.


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