Covid costs

We booked accommodation for our staff weeks ago.

On Monday the hotel emailed saying that all their guests must be double vaccinated.

We can find alternative accommodation for those who aren’t, but not everyone will be able to.

A business which has seven staff working nearly three hours away from their homes received the same message from the hotel where they were staying.

The business is trying to find a house or crib as an alternative. If they do, they’ll then have the issue of how to feed the workers when they can’t go to cafes or restaurants. If they don’t find an alternative the business is in trouble.

It already has a shortage of staff and doesn’t want to exacerbate that by sacking anyone. It is too far for the workers to commute every day and finding others who are both vaccinated and willing to be away from home for days at a time will be difficult, if not impossible.

The hotel which has just lost seven guests for several nights isn’t happy either.

There will be examples of businesses facing similar problems all over the country.

There will also be more businesses changing how they operate or closing:

A popular North Otago restaurant is among hospitality businesses in the South to decide against adopting vaccine mandates as at least two are set to close over the stance.

Before the traffic light system comes into force on Friday, the Otago Daily Times has learned of three hospitality businesses in Otago that have decided against implementing the vaccine pass and requiring customers and staff to be vaccinated.

This included award-winning Riverstone Kitchen, near Oamaru, which has opted to offer contactless takeaways rather than implement the mandate.

The Fort Enfield, also near Oamaru, and Tarras Country Cafe have both opted to close while accusing the Government of discrimination for implementing the mandate. …

I am double vaccinated and understand the reasoning behind vaccine mandates but I wonder if the government understands the impact and cost.

Many have already paid a very high price as a result of lockdowns.

The number of business closures has exceeded the creation of new firms for the first time in nearly a decade.

Data from Stats NZ and the not-for-profit organisation, The Facts, showed 64,809 firms closed their doors in the year ended February, while 64,488 firms were created, resulting in a net decline of 321 firms – the first since 2012.

Small business consultant and co-founder of The Facts, Geoff Neal, said the sharp increase in closures can only be explained by the pandemic, and the associated lockdowns and travel restrictions.

“There’s a very consistent trend that there’s about 60,000 businesses created per year and about 50,000 close, and this has really bucked the trend of previous years.”

Neal said the data did not specify reasons for closures but it appeared the level of exit sales and owners retiring had remained consistent with prior years.

Closures were most prominent in those sectors most affected by the pandemic, including hospitality, tourism, event, wholesale trade and fitness sectors, he said.

The consequences were devastating for many people’s livelihoods, he said.

“What we are talking about is not just businesses here, these are people, this is a lot of partners, husbands and wives, and families impacted, often multiple generations.

“Every time a business closes that’s lost wealth, health, relationships and sometimes lives as well.” . .

Even if/when we get to green in the traffic light system, restrictions will apply for unvaccinated people and businesses, and the people who own and work for them, will continue to pay a high price.

One Response to Covid costs

  1. Andrei says:

    We have now entered the territory of the Government being EVIL

    This untested vaccine being forced into the bodies of young people to “protect” them against a disease that presents little threat to them is the most malignant thing any New Zealand Government has ever done.

    And they had to override the laws that existed to protect us from medical mistakes to do this.

    There is no long term safety profile for this totally new technology in vaccine development and the damn thing is not particularly effective anyway

    Oh sure they hand wave and claim it reduces the chance of serious illness and death but guess what I do not believe or trust them!

    God help us all


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