What matters

This matters:

Kāinga Ora’s no eviction policy is enabling anti-social tenants to terrorise neighbours with no consequences.

The government rammed through under urgency legislation giving itself immense power and limiting ours:

That’s a constitutional disgrace.

Home isolations for people who are Covid-19 positive is a shambles.

This week’s border announcement will make Australia the choice for skilled migrants and students.

The litany of heartbreaking stories of people unable to get an MIQ space includes a chef who needs to return home for cancer treatment.

 Kiwis are getting poorer by the day.

Median prices for residential property across New Zealand increased by 23.4% to $895,000 in October.

The government is planning a new tax under the guise of expanding the social safety net.

What also matters is having the major Opposition Party focused on these issues, and the many others where the government is failing, and not on itself as it has been since Wednesday night.

Now that Judith Collins has lost the leadership, it matters that National gets a leader who has both a strong head and a good heart; one who has 100% support in caucus and that everyone in caucus puts the party, and the country, first.

One Response to What matters

  1. pdm1946 says:

    HP one hopes for what you say in the last para.

    Unfortunately and based on they way the party has gone since John Key resigned it is probably wishful thinking.

    Then again – what else is left for hard working, National loyalists but hope.


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