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Enubilous – clear from cloud, mist or fog.

Sowell says


Coming ready or not


When my daughter asked me to walk the Heaphy Track with her, my first response was I wasn’t fit enough.

Her reply to that was I would be fit enough.

My second was to ask, if this a good time to spend five nights in tramping huts, given that Covid-19 would be coming south.

Her reply to that was, it would be safer sooner than waiting until the disease spread further.

So we did.

I was fit enough and we got home late last night to the news that Covid-19 is creeping south.

Six new cases of Covid-19 have been found in Taranaki – the first of the deadly Delta strain in the region that has kept parts of the country locked down since August 17. . . 

It’s coming, whether or not we’re ready and I don’t think we are ready.

Vaccination rates are much higher than they were when Delta hit Australia, but I don’t have confidence that the health system will cope with what’s ahead.

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