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Breedbate –  one who breeds, incites or originates quarrels; one who is always looking for an argument.

Sowell says


Other voices


This is a COVID-19 announcement the voice says in tones that grated from the start.

Whoever is reading the script may well be a lovely person but I am oh so she sick of her voice

It makes me feel like I’m back in kindergarten being cajoled by a teacher who has overdosed on saccharine.

Perhaps that appeals to some people but I’m not the only one to whom it doesn’t.

Couldn’t we have some variety in the messengers for those of us whose sanity is being assaulted by the sing-song voice better suited to bedtime stories than imparting information?

Is it too long a bow to draw to say that maybe some of the vaccine hesitancy is due to people who won’t be told what to do by the too-sweet voice?

Even if it is, surely it would help if the messages were being delivered by a range of voices, preferably at least some that talk to us as if we were adults

And given the disproportionate slowness to be vaccinated among some groups of people, perhaps a little bit of cultural diversity in the delivery might help.



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