Will beneficiaries be required to be vaccinated?

The government is changing the law to enable employers in businesses where vaccine passports are mandatory to require staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

That will give them the ability to sack those who won’t – as opposed to can’t – be vaccinated.

This begs the question – will beneficiaries be required to be vaccinated too?

People on job seeker benefits are required to be work-ready.

People working in jobs which requires them to work in close contact with other people will need to be vaccinated.

The logical extension of that is that being vaccinated will be a prerequisite for many job seekers.

Yesterday’s announcement applies to work places where customers are required to be vaccinated but they aren’t the only places where people have to work in close contact with others.

One sector not mentioned in yesterday’s announcement is farming. It wouldn’t be hard for the unvaccinated to keep their distance from others outside, but it would be difficult, if not impossible, in milking and shearing sheds.

There is a shortage of workers in dairying and shearing, even in areas where there are a lot of unemployed people who could do the work.

If beneficiaries aren’t going to have to be vaccinated it will give some an excuse for not accepting  lots of jobs, including on dairy farms and in shearing gangs, when it’s available.

I understand why the government isn’t suggesting people who lose their jobs because they won’t be vaccinated can’t get a benefit, or that people already on a benefit won’t be required to get vaccinated so they are eligible for more jobs.

But it has already made it much easier for people to stay on benefits longer, in spite of the economic and social harm that comes from that, and this will make it even easier.

3 Responses to Will beneficiaries be required to be vaccinated?

  1. Andrei says:

    Forcing people to be “vaccinated” with an unproven experimental substance is unmitigated evil as was unambiguously determined at Nuremburg more than 70 years ago and a crime against humanity.

    This insanity has to stop!


  2. Lucia Maria says:

    Interesting you ask the question – what should the answer be?

    Will lay my cards down – the vaccine mandate is horrendous and should not be supported or even expanded to more people, even by pointing out the inconsistencies.

    The govt has now gone after the young people in hospo and the supermarkets, trying to box in the medicos and teachers who don’t want to be jabbed.

    The political nous is both terrifying and comical, in that it could have been done in a more sinister and calculated way, but they are relying on speed and fear.

    So, do you believe that we should corner the beneficiaries and make them get the jab?


  3. Andrei says:

    My eldest daughter who got Covid last year and should therefore be immune was compelled to be jabbed

    Initially when it was announced over thirty percent of her colleagues were against it but they bullied away and she was one of the last hold outs

    Those who were in a position to quit did just that and quit their jobs

    My second oldest daughter also a nurse working in the NHS was also jabbed, she was not hostile to it unlike her older sister who was intensely hostile

    She and some other jabbed colleagues went on holiday to Scotland and came back with Covid despite being double jabbed nearly two months before. Three went to Scotland and three came back with Covid

    It takes at least five years to go through the processes required to show a vaccine is safe in the general population and that it is actually beneficial

    This has not done and as the program fails the solution is to add an ad hoc and totally untested regime of third “booster shot”

    This has all the makings of a major public health disaster


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