Once was 1st

New Zealand once was first in Bloomberg’s resilience ranking.

Now we’re 38th.


The government keeps telling how lucky we were to have so long without Covid-19 in the community.

We the luck ran out and we need more than luck to get our freedom back now.

We need most of the population vaccinated and we need to get rid of the MIQueue with a far, far better system for allowing people to come and go from the country safely.

One Response to Once was 1st

  1. Andrei says:

    You still haven’t got it have you – you are still labouring under the assumptions of a faulty premises

    There are literally thousands of respiratory viruses and you have been being exposed to them from the day you took your first breath

    Until very recently the science was not available to distinguish between them

    You are still here because your body honed through millions of years of evolution has developed an efficient immune system to counter them and in general they present little problem to healthy individuals with functioning immune systems

    This virus despite all the propaganda is little different

    This “deadly delta variant” which has caused much hand wringing and disruption for months now has now been detected in over 1200 individuals, only one of who has actually died, this being a woman in her mid nineties and the people who actually achieve that age have done well but do run the risk of dying soon

    We are all mortal – pink haired women with over inflated egos do not have a solution for that

    Every day as we go about our daily business we take our chances with a lot of things

    And that is what we need to do now – get on with life while we still can, before the arthritis and cancer and other shitty things get us


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