Numbers show the vaxed are safer

What’s the point of getting vaccinated?

Unvaccinated New Zealanders are disproportionately represented among new Covid-19 cases and hospitalisations in the community outbreak, in a pattern that mirrors trends overseas.

More than 82 percent of the Delta cases found as of Monday have been unvaccinated. An even higher proportion of those in hospital were unvaccinated.

That’s close to double the 42.8 percent of the general population that isn’t vaccinated. Receiving both doses of the vaccine is more effective as well, with just one fully vaccinated person ending up in hospital, alongside 15 people who had received one shot. 

Almost 30 percent of the population has been fully vaccinated and 28 percent have had one dose.

On these numbers, an unvaccinated person is 119 times more likely to end up in hospital than a fully vaccinated person and eight times more likely than someone who had received one shot.

But these numbers might not be telling the fully story. Vaccinologist Helen Petousis-Harris says it can take a couple of weeks after the vaccine is administered to reach full efficacy.

“You’ve got to allow time for that injection to take effect. It’s not instantaneous as soon as it’s administered, it takes a period of time for the body to have that immune response,” she said.

“Two weeks after the second dose, you start hitting a peak antibody response.”

On that basis, a full 95.9 percent of those in hospital had been unvaccinated two weeks prior to testing positive. Just four had received a single shot at least two weeks before they were tested and none were fully vaccinated. . . 

Anti vaxers and the vaccine hesitant argue that being vaccinated doesn’t stop you getting Covid-19.

No-one claims that any of the vaccines give 100% protection but these numbers show that partial vaccination provides some protection, and that the fully vaccinated are much less likely to get the disease and that if they do they are much less likely to need hospital treatment.

The internet makes it very easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of misinformation and anti-vaxers are unlikely to be moved by the facts.

But dare we hope that the vaccine hesitant might be convinced and heed the call to get vaccinated. Doing so will help us get enough people protected to lessen the likelihood of future lockdowns or at least reduce their severity with all the impacts on physical and emotional health, and the social and their economic costs.

One Response to Numbers show the vaxed are safer

  1. Andrei says:


    That is called trying to “blinding us with science” or double talking with numbers

    The vaccine is a bust, Three of my kids have had Covid, one of whom was “fully vaccinated”. Of course Covid for them was a non event. My nephew also “fully vaccinated” also contracted Covid.

    So anecdotally from where I sit the vaccine looks like snake oil

    And of course none of these people were particularly unwell with this disease, which is par for the course

    Alas right from the get go oxygen was given to Shaun (80,000 dead) Hendy and other hysterics like the pink haired attention seeker and sober voices of reason totally smothered.

    But had they been heard you would know that at the beginning of the pandemic™ approximately 2/3rds of the population was already effectively immune and that 40% of the people who do test positive are asymptomatic

    Globally over half the deaths have occurred among people already receiving hospital level care in rest homes

    The real questions to be asked are
    • what are the real risks from Covid?
    •what are the risks from the vaccine?
    •what actual protections does it confer?

    And I suggest that honest answers to these questions would be highly embarrassing to a lot of people who have skin in the game

    Which is why we get double talk and evasion from “the podium of truth” on a daily basis


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