Better luck than management

New Zealand’s success in keeping Covid-19 at bay has been due at least as much to good luck as good management.

If that luck continues, the Sydney man who tested positive for the disease after a weekend enjoying some of Wellignton’s delights will have kept it to himself.

If it doesn’t we’re in for some, possibly many, cases here.

Until most of us are vaccinated we’ll need a lot more luck, because good management seems to be lacking in the vaccine roll out.

A friend who lives near a small town told me that the health centre had booked the elderly and vulnerable for vaccinations then had to postpone them after the Ministry told them that they’d get no more vaccines until August.

Meanwhile, other friends who live in a small town not far away from the first one, got a phone call from their GP.

She told them that a vaccination centre had been set up for Maori. It wasn’t  getting many takers and if they popped in, even though neither is 65 and both are in good health, they’d get their first dose.

They took her advice, popped in, were greeted with enthusiasm and vaccinated.

These aren’t the only such cases.

Vulnerable people in Bluff are being told they’ll have to wait until the end of July to get vaccinated  but in Dunedin Te Kaika  pop-up clinic is for Maori, Pasifika, over 65s and the vulnerable, but anyone is welcome to come.

There might be good reasons that Te Kaika is welcoming anyone when people who ought to take priority aren’t getting their shots, but it sends the message that getting vaccinated owes more to better luck than management.

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  1. Heather Adam says:

    There is a word for the preference of one race ….


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