Just a few little questions

Just a few little questions about a very expensive project:

* Has a cost benefit analysis been done on the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians across Auckland Harbour?

* If so what did it say, if not why not?

* The existing bridge has around 180,000 vehicle crossings a day, the new one is optimistically projected to have 3,000 walkers and bikers – who thinks spending more than $700,000,000 on so few is a good idea?

* Do any of the estimates of users take into account that rain and cold weather impact negatively on walking and cycling?

* Why does the government think it’s alright to announce the spending of so much money on this project while breaking previous promises about roading projects elsewhere?

* Why are the needs of a very few cyclists and walkers between the North Shore and Herne Bay considered so much greater than those needing to drive in South Auckland and between Auckland and Northland?

* Did no-one in the government realise how insensitive the timing of the announcement of this expensive folly was when there’s so much greater need for repairs to so many bridges in Mid and South Canterbury?

* A new bridge could be built across the Ashburton River for about 1/26 the cost of the Waitemata monument to waste. Why are a very few cyclists and pedestrians in Auckland more important than those traveling up and down State Highway 1 and whoever would benefit from the other 25/26 that would be available for other projects?

* Who thinks the bridge could be delivered on budget and on time?

* Is this one time we can be grateful that the government is so much better at announcing than delivering because the chances of the bridge being completed at all are remote?

3 Responses to Just a few little questions

  1. davelenny says:

    All very sensible questions, but ones which are unlikely to get from the decision-makers sensible and truthful answers.


  2. Heather Adam says:

    I am just one small, older voice in Auckland but my suggestion for the cyclists is a ferry across the gap. Simple and affordable.


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Good questions, maybe, just maybe a journalist (remember them) might care to pursue them, instead of regurgitating the regime’s PR spin


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