Was normal, now privilege

Anyone else sick of what should be normal being called privilege?

A student at a Whangārei primary school had to stand up in front of their classroom and say what they had done to acknowledge their white privilege. . . 

When did it become okay for teachers to be so political?

And when did what ought to be normal become privilege?

That’s normal as in being a child with parents who love each other and their children; living in a family where parents set boundaries and impose consequences when they’re breached; having a warm, clean home where there’s enough food.

That isn’t privilege. It’s what should be normal for all children and has nothing to do with ethnicity.

Calling it privilege, with or without the qualifier white, is a political construct.

It takes no account of effort and will.

It carries the message that where you are and what you have is all due to circumstances beyond control..

It is behaviour that would be punished if a child subjected another to it in the playground and it has no place in a classroom.

To make a child stand in front of a class and speak like that is bullying that should not be tolerated at school, let alone from a teacher who is in a position of power to a pupil who is not.

3 Responses to Was normal, now privilege

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    The first duty of a NZ teacher is to indoctrinate the child with the BS the regime is peddling


  2. Heather Adam says:

    I recall Helen Clark, many years ago, offering the advice to ‘ get into the minds of children’. She and Heather Simpson are obviously the power behind our present PM and where does she do her electioneering ? In schools and kindies, for goodness sake, not where people will ask the hard questions.


  3. Tom Hunter says:

    You can follow a lot of the history of this Critical Race Theory shit here, which I’ve long argued was headed our way from the USA, along with The Struggle Sessions it will involve, of which the above incident is a classic example.

    But at least there are no mean tweets involved.


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