Minister for Delivery

Is it April Fools’ Day?

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson will become the Government’s informal Minister for Delivery, thanks to a newly created “implementation unit” within the Government’s powerful Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, or DPMC.

The move comes after a term of Government in which several big-ticket plans fell apart as they were implemented – most notably KiwiBuild and light rail in Auckland – and is inspired by a unit set up by British PM Tony Blair. . . 

The job ad says the “small team” will support Robertson to “ensure implementation of key Government priorities,” and to step in and “facilitate appropriate interventions when implementation is at risk”. . . 

Goodness me, does this mean the government of making announcements is actually going to become a government of doing something?

What’s happened to Ministerial responsibility where the Ministers who are paid to do a job which includes making sure that what they announce actually happens?

And is this the biggest vote of no-confidence by a deputy PM in his colleagues ability to do things ever?

3 Responses to Minister for Delivery

  1. Dave says:

    Ah, remind me where Ardern did a political internship in the UK, so this is a recycled idea from her past and nothing new. What’s next, minister of turning up, minister of funny walks??


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:

    So the incompetence of Ardern and her regime is such that we need a new Implementation Unit led by Robertson. If we need this unit, can we fire the Ministers who aren’t performing.


  3. What an absolute vote of no confidence in Labour and Green Ministers, who clearly aren’t performing. But the answer isn’t to centralise everything out of Robertson’s office; instead the PM should be firing those Ministers who aren’t performing. Of course, there’s precious little chance THAT will ever happen!


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