If you don’t know…

How do these headlines make you feel?

Authorities unable to say how many border workers unvaccinated

Government doesn’t know how many border workers there are, but still insists 90 percent have got COVID-19 vaccine

How can they know that 90% are vaccinated if they don’t know how many there are?

That’s not all they don’t know – they also don’t know how many border workers are being swabbed.

They’ll have to find out because, belatedly, just over a year since managed isolation and quarantine became compulsory for everyone coming in to the country, and they’re only just going to make the testing register mandatory:

Government to make testing register mandatory after admitting it doesn’t know how many border workers are being swabbed

Health authorities have made a sudden change to a policy about high-risk border workers after Newshub asked questions about the Ministry of Health’s testing processes.

COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins revealed to Newshub on Friday he intends to make reporting to the Government’s testing register mandatory for all border employees amid revelations it wasn’t known how many of them had been swabbed.

“All relevant employers have had a specific duty to keep records of testing since last year,” Hipkins said.

“However, last month, to make the system clearer and easier to administer, I signalled my intention to make reporting to the register mandatory for all relevant employers at the border.

“Ministry officials have been engaging with the border sector on the plan, and I expect to be in position to make a decision and any amendments to the order shortly.” . . 

Does signalled my intention  and expect to be in a position to make a decision and any amendments to the order shortly  give you any sense of urgency?

Does this make you feel any better?

The Government set up what’s called a Border Workforce Testing Register, to track testing of workers, but it’s a voluntary system. Around 12,000 workers are using it, but another 4000 are not.

Voluntary? How can something as important as this be voluntary?

There are calls to see the optional register be made compulsory. 

“This is a conversation we should have been having a year ago, and it should have lasted 30 seconds,” Prof Gorman said.

“The border is so important – this is a requirement, there are no exceptions.”

The Prime Minister has a warning to workers who aren’t being regularly tested. 

“There is a penalty regime for employers who are not doing that.”

The problem is, the Government doesn’t know with a high degree of accuracy who’s following the rules and who isn’t – so no penalties have been dished out.

Does no-one in any position of authority have any idea of logistics?

Can no-one in any position of authority learn from repeated shortcomings and mistakes?

How many times do journalists have to expose the chasms between what ought to be happening, what the government and Ministry of Health tell us is happening and what is actually happening?

What else don’t they know? And if they don’t know, how can we have any confidence that what ought to be happening is happening?

3 Responses to If you don’t know…

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Totally agree


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Wouldn’t be Marvellous to have had that analysis on a National Newspaper front page and leading both TV networks 1800 hr infotainment bulletins, then Wells and Barry devote a full half hour.
    Yes that is a once upon a time many moons ago wistful thinking episode when Journalists learnt their art under crusty sub editors not at an institute for further studies of how Marxism can make things happen betterer.
    Please explain how ballooning Housing wait lists, delayed mental health treatment options and rents becoming as unaffordable as first homes, rising rates and taxes, can fit into a Kindness and Wellbeing driven economic program.
    “and fewer and fewer lived happily ever after”??

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