Who’s responsible?

Another day and yet more evidence of confusion over Covid-19 information:

The Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet (DPMC) says posts on a Government website saying a KFC worker did nothing wrong were made in “on the understanding it was accurate” as the information came from the Health Ministry. 

If it wasn’t accurate, what was it doing on the website?

Multiple posts were made on the Unite Against COVID-19 website, which is run by the DPMC, on February 26. The posts were responding to questions from the public and stated that the KFC worker, known as Case L, didn’t need to isolate and her and her family “complied with advice they were given at the time”. 

The Prime Minister said on the same day she was “frustrated” with Case L for not isolating and being at work. . . 

COVID-response Minister Chris Hipkins said today the information was “out of context.” 

But National’s COVID-19 spokesperson Chris Bishop said the situation showed even Government departments are confused. 

“This is just baffling and bewildering. The Unite Against COVID-19 Facebook page is posting the Ministry’s own advice while Ministers dissemble and play the blame game. It is deeply unedifying.”

A spokesperson for the DPMC said the posts were “made in good faith” on the understanding that the information was correct, but “recognises the use of the word complied in the reply made it more definitive than it should have been.” . . .

On the understanding that the information was correct? More definitive that it should have been? Surely all communication on an official website should be correct and definitive.

It should also be clear, easily understood and not open to varying interpretations.

Who’s responsible for ensuring that it is? It’s not the members of the public that the politicians are criticising.

It’s the same people who are responsible for all the other mistakes and shortcomings in the Covid-19 response – the government and the Ministry of Health.

It is less than edifying to have different government agencies bickering publicly about who was right. It wouldn’t be happening if there was a single Covid recovery agency responsible for all policy and communication.

3 Responses to Who’s responsible?

  1. Heather Adam says:

    Who is surprised ? This government has been a shambles from day one. It will take a long time to undo the damage they have done in four years. Do they have any ideas at all on how to rebuild ?


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Short answer Heather, NO.
    Slightly longer comes in as, there is a complete dearth of any understanding of what is involved in a successful and thriving business occupying the treasury benches. Socialism revolves around taking money from successful people and commercial entities and tossing it at perceived problems. A strategy accurately ending when the tossers run out of other peoples money as so forcefully proclaimed by Maggy Thatcher later Baroness Thatcher.
    Across the Tasman Scott Morrison won an election that was “in the Bag” for Shorten, and as succeeding is now under sustained attacks by the lefties led by the Federally funded ABC, currently concentrated on Christian Porter using very dodgy allegations from 33 years ago when Porter was seventeen. It seems to be designed to succeed Alas?


  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    The response from the government is appalling. So based on this, we can no longer rely on any government announcement, because they cannot get their act together, nor can they communicate intelligibly, so what we are told or read has or may have more than one interpretation. Truly an enormous and ongoing omnishambles. And Ardern is lauded for her communication???


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