The show must . . .

That the show must go on is an adage that doesn’t apply to many events and functions this week and might not next week either.

Among those is the Wanaka Show, the second biggest A&P show in the South Island which is scheduled for next Friday and Saturday, March 12th and 13th.

It usually  attracts people from all over New Zealand and overseas.

This year’s wasn’t going to get anyone who wasn’t already in the country, but it could still expect a good crowd of locals and domestic visitors.

Now like a lot of others, the board is facing uncertainty and risk.

Exhibitors got an email yesterday asking them to waive any refund should a Covid level 2 or above prevent it going ahead.

Planning a show this big incurs costs well before the event and the email explained the board has until 6pm today to confirm payment with suppliers of big cost items including power, security and toilets.

I hope they get a positive response and have all fingers and toes crossed that at least the South Island will drop back to Level 1 so the show and all those other events and functions that can’t operate at Level 2, can go on.

If they can’t go on as planned, how many will decide the risk of planning a future event is too great?

Unless the government is prepared to underwrite them in future, you can’t blame organisers if they decide the time and costs involved in planning aren’t worth it when the risk of not being able to go ahead is so great.

Under the new normal, the show must obey the rules and no event which needs more than 100 people to be viable can go on if restrictions on numbers are still in place.

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