Discrimination doesn’t solve discrimination

The reaction from some of the more radical Maori to Judith Collins saying it is time to change the tikanga which doesn’t allow women to speak on some marae reminded me of this anecdote told by Paul Foster-Bell.

He was standing for National in Wellington Central and began his speech at the Aro Valley meet the candidates meeting by speaking in te reo.

The audience were conflicted between a very obvious desire to show no respect to him as a National MP and not wishing to disrespect the language.

Showing more respect to one language someone uses than another might be minor discrimination but it is still discrimination.

Apropos of that is this comment from Theodore Dalrymple:

. . . it continues to surprise me how little protest there is against the very expression racial justice, than which few expressions could be more racist . . .

All of which was prompted by this tweet:

Sexism is sexism wherever it happens.

Treating someone differently because of their gender, race or any other of the categories identity politics highlights is always discriminatory.

And discrimination isn’t solved by more discrimination.

One Response to Discrimination doesn’t solve discrimination

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Another example of Maori culture being allowed to justify blatantly discriminatory behaviour, which those who defend this situation would vociferously complain in other contexts


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