If one’s wrong why not the other?

Initial reports of Covid-19 called it the Wuhan or Chinese virus.

The someones who worry about such things decided this was racist and the name changed.

For weeks we’ve being hearing about the UK strain but the someones who worry don’t appear to be worrying about afixing that strain to that place.

If it’s offensive to name a virus after one location isn’t it offensive to name it after another?

And if it’s not isn’t it condescending, patronising and indeed racist to deem some places in need of linguistic protection that is not needed for others?


5 Responses to If one’s wrong why not the other?

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Woke stupidity in action over names of virus


  2. Andrei says:

    The short answer to your question is: We are living in the Twighlight Zone…

    ….where Crazy is the new normal

    NASCAR driver Hailie Deegan will be required to undergo sensitivity training after calling an opponent a “retard” during a virtual race over the weekend, the company announced.

    The 19-year-old used the word Sunday night after her car was bumped in iRacing, a popular racing simulation that is sometimes broadcast live by professional racers.


  3. pdm1946 says:

    Pretty sure a South African strain referred to earlier in the week as well.


  4. pdm1946 says:

    ………..strain was referred…………….


  5. Andrei says:

    Of course PDM the Corona Virus is ubiquitous and effects all aninals that have respiratory systems.

    It is an RNA virus that highjacks the cells of infected animals to reprrduce itself and has to develop mechanisms to promulgate its descendants to new hosts

    But animals with respiratory systems have developed defences to prevent their cells being hijacked for this purpose, To overcome this these viruses have developed a very fast mutation rate which allows then to quickly come up with varients that can infiltrate the defense systems of animals with respiratory systems – it is an evolutionary arms race of great antiquity

    Suppose for example a varient arises that can by pass the defense systems of pigs and also can easily be propagated from one pig to another – it is successful until the pigs immune systems develop a defence but by that time it has evolved a variant that can cross from pigs to humans, this is the point at which these viruses exhibit the greatest potential for lethality and if in addition they can cross the specis barrier they also have the trick that they can pass from person to person – the famous MERS virus which came from Camels and that also caused alarm and despondency a few years back did not have the ability to be transmitted from person to person. So all cases were confined to people who had close contact with camels and because it never evolved the mechanism for easy human to human transmission it died out

    A successful varient of the corona virus will have to meet three conditions, be able to pass from person to person and not make the majority those it infects particularly ill or die because a person whose function is significantly impaired or dies quicky has highly reduced contact with other potential hosts

    This is the thing about Covid-19, in the vast majority of people identified with an infection the sysmptoms are so mild their day to day function is not impaired, and in fact large numbers of the infected are unaware they are infected (this happened to my daughter, a nurse who was quaratined for a month with no discernable symptioms what so ever

    There are people with compromise immune systems foe which an infeection can cause significant problems and death. Thes people generally are easily identifiable and they can take the necessary precautions – it is far more sensible to disrupt the lives of the small minority who are potentially vunerable than to put everybodies life on hold for months at time to protect them

    Covids -19 was first idfentified as a new corona virus varienrt December 2019, two years ago now and has been evolving inorder to survive and the direction of evolution will be in the direction of overcomeing the measure we have taken to stop its spread of course.

    It is also likely that the successful new varients will have also evolved in the direction of being less dangerousand less obvious to the effected because these are the ones that can propagate more quickly and freely = this is all pure Darwinism

    In addition to this family of viruses descendind from Covid 19 it is almost inevitable another Corona virus varient has already or will in the new future cross the specis gap – the one we have now we are told originated in Bats

    But there is no end in sight – the common cold initasteds by Corona virus infection has been around since before recorded history and will be as long as we have fauna with respiratory systme

    Even if vaccination is an effective strategy for the current variant that will only provide evolutionary pressure for a varient that cna get around that prtection

    The thing that worries me is that our strategy of hard lockdown has isolated most kiwis from contact with respiratory viruses for the best part of a year thus weakening our defense systems against them – we could write an eassy about why but the isssue here is that once we are exposed to them again, one that are many generations and evolution changes different from the last one we encountered we will all be highly suseptable to these newer varients and lost of people will get sick and die – this is known as the rebound effect

    The Lykov family was isolated from contact with all other human beings from the early thirtys untill 1978 when they were discivered by a party doing a geological survey – within a year of contact with the outside world all but one had died of pneumonia


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