NZ top cricket test team

The Black Caps have had a very good series:

We could have listened to the commentary on Magic Talk but a whole lot of people who would have watched it on television didn’t/couldn’t because Spark won the TV rights.

It was a business decision by NZ Cricket, we might never know whether what they gained from that compensated for audience loss.

One Response to NZ top cricket test team

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I sense a serious disconnect between the Fans and NZ Cricket just when the nations cricketing players have achieved “All Black” status.

    I did subscribe to the RWC with Spark sport but imeho the camera work and some of that commentary was substandard. With the almost mind boggling decision by Mr White, Ms Hockly and company to go with Spark for this outstanding summer of test cricket that has seen NZ to the top of the world rankings, has in my conversations with cricket aficionados across the nation been a Public relations disaster.

    The current NZ national Cricket team are in ‘Crusader speak’ a very real “team”, yes Kane Williamson is truly world class and again imeho, they could sweep it at “Lords”. There may as some couch potatoes suggest be a serious deficiency in spin but Santner others with a reluctant Skipper who took his first wicket in five years, with a fit Neil Wagner in a very well balanced quartet of quicks we may even see a recovery from the Umpire stolen limited overs title NZ born Ben Stokes and his adopted nation took from us eighteen months ago at The ‘home’ of the Game.

    Spark, your efforts in delivering a credible nation wide Cell phone network are in need of serious effort, leave the sport to those who are aware of the finer points around transmitting it to the fans.
    I spend much of my limited time in this small island nation’s quieter places and it is incredible how often there is no coverage. just in the first week of this year there has been over 25% of my time sans Network cover and that is poor. We store and use our mobile home within six Kms of the Harewood International airport control tower and it might as well be Siberia as far as electronic device cover is concerned, it is no mystery how it took so long to locate the crashed Plane with the Lincoln University scientists aboard in 2003.

    Knitting can be rewarding, even in these times, maybe stick with that for now.


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