Yes Sir Humphrey

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  1. Gravedodger says:

    Natural fibers?
    It never seems to cease to astound with the incontrovertible fact that has artificial fabrics almost all oil based as the almost exclusive choice for current body coverings including fashion, work and casual.

    Wool, cotton, fur, linen and evidently hemp all have many attributes that totally overwhelm any synthetics apart from some laundry related issues..
    Leather is in the same boat, with my recently being informed of the total waste of all animal skins and hides from at least one slaughterhouse.
    Recently SiL purchased at a local charity auction a Truck and Trailer of Mushroom compost. Upon delivery SiL inquired if “that was it for today” of the driver, only to be informed he was off to “Pacific slaughter house to collect and deliver to the tip an equal quantity, fifty tonnes, of sheep/lamb pelts, something they do at least twice a week???
    Local farm kill of a beef sees the hide tipped down the “gut hole”.
    Meanwhile the luvvies all ponce around in their plastic footwear and wear their artificial fabric wind breakers while protesting against farming animals for food???

    Merino mink where Merino wool is combined with the fur from the NZ national pest, possum, to create a wonder fabric yet wool prices languish with stronger wools that were once the basis of carpets bringing income that fails to cover the harvesting costs.

    The world is looking for an asylum to live in and the madness gets more tragic with every day that passes.


  2. Gravedodger says:

    Sorry that comment was for the Rural Roundup post, note on white board check before you cross, then perhaps check again.
    One more step to senility?


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