How diverse?

Jacinda Ardern’s new Cabinet is being celebrated for its diversity.

In that context diversity is referring to gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

When it comes to diversity of experience there’s a glaring omission – business ownership.

Damien O’Connor owned a tourism business.

An admittedly fast search for business ownership among the rest of Cabinet didn’t uncover anyone else who had run their own business and very little experience among Ministers of working for private businesses.

Does it matter?

It might be fairer to wait and judge them on their performance rather than their pasts. But I’d be a lot more confident of policy that reflects an understanding of private enterprise and the importance it will play in the recovery that Covid-19 has wrought on the economy if at least a few more of the Ministers had first-hand experience of owning or at least working in it.

2 Responses to How diverse?

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Much more important is identity politics, wokeness and gender is. Experience and knowledge are not necessary when you are ideologues and incompetent numpties


  2. Gravedodger says:

    They do not require Business experience you can learn it at Uni, isn’t that where business degrees are dished out.
    Like Farming it is easy to do, just sit back and it happens.
    Hell they understand how to create small business just run big business under a socialist and very soon it is another small business. Ask Stewy Nashy he’s got it sussed.


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