Life without parole

Brenton Tarrant has been sentenced to life without parole:

Terrorist gunman Brenton Harrison Tarrant has accepted his fate and will spend all his remaining years in prison, with no chance of ever being released. …

Justice Mander said he had “listened with sadness” to those who had read their victim impact statements in court during the four-day sentencing hearing. He summarised their views and situations, and referred to kind, forgiving, fine people being killed. 

He said he had little doubt Tarrant had come to New Zealand to target the Muslim community. He had travelled in Europe and developed deep-seated views about the “cultural displacement” of Europeans by migrants.  . .

“You remain empty of any empathy for the victims. You remain detached and appear entirely self-centred,” Justice Mander said. . .

He rejected the idea of any credit for Tarrant’s guilty pleas, and his claimed change of views. He noted Tarrant remained entirely self-absorbed and had offered no apology or public acknowledgement.

His regret seemed centred on the waste of his own life . . .

Tarrant’s is the face of evil. This week he had to face the victims of his crime.

Many of them forgave him, showing the face of good.

One Response to Life without parole

  1. Tony Stuart says:

    Congratulations to Justice Cameron Mander for having the wisdom and courage to sentence Tarrant to life without parole.

    Tarrant is in for a lonely time, as he is unlikely to be housed in the general prison population for a very long time, if ever. Sure, it will cost us, but a civilised country such as we profess to be bears that cost.

    Much aroha to all the victims and their families. A special portion of aroha goes to Mucaad Ibrahim’s family. Our business worked with Mucaad and his family for some months until just before his death. My wife visited the family on the day after the terrorist attack; she happened to be in Christchurch on March 15th. She returned to attend Mucaad’s burial the following week, and she and other staff have kept in touch with the family since then.


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