Don’t people learn?

The announcement that the country was going into alert level 4 led to panic buying of food and other grocery items.

There was no need for that, the country had, and still has, plenty of what we all need providing we all act rationally.

You’d think people might have learned from that but no, the announcement that Auckland is going back to alert level 3 has resulted in more panic buying.

Some people don’t have enough money for anything more than absolute immediate needs but how hard would it be for those who can afford to keep some stores in case of events like this to do so?

Living in the country, we have more than enough stocked up as a matter of course.

2 Responses to Don’t people learn?

  1. JoshDCCC says:

    You’d think, wouldn’t you?

  2. Gravedodger says:

    No KFC, Maccas, Subway nearby then.
    We have easy access to them and many more yet still keep a new one of most, while finishing the one in use, in the pantry.
    Old habits die hard.
    We use lotsa milk and buy 4×2 lt at a time, running low triggers a visit to Roy’s New World.

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