Dissolution delayed

The dissolution of parliament has been delayed until Monday.

. . . This means Parliament will continue to function. The Government and Cabinet could have continued without Parliament, but it would have no way to pass new legislation if that was needed to respond to an outbreak.

Former National Leader Simon Bridges urged an election delay, saying the amount of media attention the Prime Minister would attract during a second outbreak of Covid-19 would stack the odds of victory in her favour.

“I’ve just cancelled public meetings and a lot of volunteers doorknocking.

“Meanwhile, Labour, while suspending campaigning, continues with all machinery of Govt and thus the power of the airwaves,” Bridges said in a Tweet.

Both National leader Judith Collins and ACT leader David Seymour had called for the ending of the 52nd Parliament to be delayed, as Auckland heads into Covid-19 alert level 3 and the rest of New Zealand into alert level 2. . . 

Delaying the dissolution of parliament is the right decision.

Postponing the election should follow.

It is just over a couple of weeks until early voting begins and little more than a month until election day.

Candidates can’t campaign at lockdown level 2, let alone level 3 which is where Auckland is.

These restrictions are only supposed to last a few days but news that one of the people who has tested positive to Covid-19 travelled to Rotorua doesn’t give a lot of confidence that the lockdown will not be extended in time and area.

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