Media release ready not shovel ready

The delay in releasing the list of shovel-ready projects is putting jobs at risk while playing politics:

National Leader Judith Collins is demanding Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern release the list of the shovel-ready projects her Government has agreed to fund but is keeping secret for political reasons.

Ms Ardern told Parliament today that the list of projects was signed off by her Government nearly a month ago, on 29 June.

Her Deputy, Winston Peters, told the Wellington Chamber of Commerce yesterday that “I have the list; the whole lot”.

“This is not a game, Ms Ardern and Mr Peters,” Ms Collins said.

“The livelihoods of more than 200,000 construction workers and their families depend on getting the shovels out of the shed, the diggers on the roads and hundreds of new projects underway.

“The construction industry needs to see the list to keep those people employed.

“Stop playing games with Kiwis’ jobs, Ms Ardern and Mr Peters, and release the list today.”

Why won’t the government release the list?

Could it be they want to drip feed it milking opportunities for photo opportunities?

Or is the problem that the list is not of shovel-ready projects but media release ready ones, perpetuating grounds to accuse the government of being much better at making announcements than delivering on them?

Even if there is a far better reason than either of these, it would be difficult for it to be good enough to justify the delays that are putting jobs and even businesses at risk.

2 Responses to Media release ready not shovel ready

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Media Ready


  2. Heather Adam says:

    Are you trying to limit the ‘chosen one’s’ photo opportunities Ele ? Don’t be a meanie ! Seriously, I cannot believe the number of people who think Ardern is fabulous. They obviously only read the sound-bites. It’s only the political tragics who look behind the headlines … yes, I put my hand up !!


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