Average deaths per day

From Information is Beautiful:

One Response to Average deaths per day

  1. Andrei says:

    Another pretty graphic designed to mislead the gulliable

    People don’t die of COVID-19 directly, classically would they die of pneumonia – likewise with the flue which triggers pneumonia in those who die from it

    What we really need to know is are the fatal cases of viral pneumonia different at a statistically significant rate from other years and teasing that out is all but impossible given th muddying of waters over this by those with axes to grind and agendas to advance

    So it is just a matter of how things are coded and the number of COVID-19 deaths have been inflated for political reasons by including people who have died of other causes but having the virus present as well as assuming COVID-19 in pneumonia cases without actually proving he prescence of the virus

    We have the same problem with HIV/AIDS another highly politicized disease. In Africa the majorty of so called AIDS deaths are in fact Tuberculosis and again Tuberculosis deaths are often assumed AIDS without actually testing and proving its prescence in the deceased on that continent.

    Its all in the narrative rather than being a matter of scientific rigour which requires precise definitions along with unambiguous tests for the necessary condiions required to meet the precise definitions

    But what is abundantly clear is that everybody dies eventually one way or another and the supposed COVID-9 deaths are are almost entirely occuring in people who have reached the end of their natural life span and have significant underlying health issues often those associated with advanced age

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