Done what, moving where?

Labour’s slogan at the last election was let’s do this it’s slogan for this one is let’s keep moving.

So what has the government done and where is it moving?

National Leader Todd Muller says Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern’s promises today are “just more KiwiBuild”.

“Nothing Labour promises you this election will be delivered – except more tax for you to pay.

“Labour promised three years ago to “Let’s do this” and hasn’t done any of it.

“Three years later, Labour has nothing left to say for itself except to keep moving, on a road to nowhere.

“Today’s so-called economic plan will go in the same rubbish bin as its KiwiBuild plan, its light rail plan, its mental health plan and its child poverty plan.

“Promising and not delivering to New Zealand’s most vulnerable people is not kind – it’s cruel.

“You cannot afford three more years of Labour, you need a strong National Government to deliver more jobs, a better economy and a better life for you, your family, and your community.”

We can’t afford three more years of Labour because what they’ve done and more importantly, failed to do, shows we can’t trust them to do what needs to be done and to move the right levers to lead New Zealand where it needs to go.

Doing what must be done, moving at the pace and to the place we need to go, needs more than a celebrity leader who’s strong on rhetoric, it needs a good leader with a strong and talented team who deliver on what they promise.

The choice is clear – more of what we’ve got, and haven’t got, from a cabinet of largely empty chairs, or positive change to a team that will fill the chairs and deliver on its promises.

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