Twyford touch derails another promise

Another broken promise:

Auckland’s light rail project is officially an election issue after the Government gave up on trying to reach an agreement on which plan to back.

Transport Minister Phil Twyford announced the Auckland Light Rail process had “ended” this morning.

“Despite extensive cross-party consultation, Government parties were unable to reach agreement on a preferred proposal,” Twyford said.

“The future of the project will now be decided by the government following September’s general election.” . . 

That’s another reason to ensure this government isn’t the next one.

National’s transport spokesman Chris Bishop described the issue as an “epic fail” of a similar scale to Kiwibuild, saying it was one of Labour’s first promises during the 2017 election.

“They said it would be built to Mount Roskill, not just started, but built from the Auckland CBD to Mount Roskill by 2021, which is just next year,” Bishop told RNZ.

“After three years of work, millions of dollars to consultants and lawyers and policy advice, back and forth, we have no route, no consent, no business case, we have no plan, we have no estimate of the cost.

“Light rail’s actually gone backwards compared to what it was three years ago.” . . .

Three years and millions of dollars have been squandered on another project that has fallen victim to the Twyford touch.

Like KiwiBuild, this is another expensive failure of a policy that should never have been promised in the first place.

3 Responses to Twyford touch derails another promise

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Totally incompetent, and Genter spins this a Green success


  2. Teletext says:

    Twitford has shown time and time again that he is totally and utterly
    incompetent. He has been rewarded for this incompetence by moving up the list for the next election. After his blazing “success” with Kiwibuild and now this, why are we still paying him. He should have been down the road ages ago. He is well overdue his SFDCM (sacked Friday, don’t come Monday) but it appears that he must have something on the “fairy princess” for how else can you explain why he is still a minister.

    This project was never going to get off the ground, it was always a pipe dream. If they want rail to the airport, bring it from Puhinui where there is already a line operating. It’s only a couple of kms.

    Now we also have the first of the St Mary’s Bay gnome’s moves to make himself relevant for the next few months leading into the election. He has pulled the plug on the commercial rent legislation as well as the light rail. How come racing has received more funding than Pharmac? It’s official, racehorses are more important to this government that its citizens health. Never saw that coming but with the omnishambles running the place we are getting more lowpoints every day.

    I see that the Greens have been screwed over again with the removal of proposed protection to the Auckland Islands. More support for Winnie’s fishermen mates?


  3. Teletext says:

    Apologies, the Greens were screwed ove Campbell Island, not the Auckland Islands.


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