It’s still an omnishambles

The Minister of Health, David Clark,  is Minister in name only, the oversight of border controls has been passed to the military and another Minister, Megan Woods, but it’s still an omnishambles.

A friend arrived in New Zealand 11 days ago, she still hasn’t had a test for the virus.

She has asked for one, as have others on her flight who are at the same isolation hotel. None of them has been given one and none has been told when they’ll get one even though everyone is supposed to be tested on days three and 11.

She said her hotel is probably one of the better ones for protocols with social distancing but new intakes are arriving each day so even if everyone is careful about social distancing, there’s a heightened risk of arrivals from different cohorts infecting those who’ve been there longer.

She’s in Auckland but a friend of hers was one of those who was put on a bus and only when they were well on the way were they told they were going to Rotorua.

Were those in control scared of a revolt if they announced the destination earlier?

If there is not enough accommodation for isolation and quarantine in Auckland people have to go somewhere else but surely they should be told where they’re going, especially if they’ll be on a bus for four hours as those going to Rotorua were.

There is a health risk for people sitting still on a long flight that is exacerbated if it’s followed by sitting still for a long time soon after. Several years ago a friend flew from New Zealand to London then drove three hours, got deep vein thrombosis and died as a result.

I supposed we should be grateful that even though everyone is still not getting tested on days three and 11, more people are being tested before they leave isolation and tests are catching people.

There’s been at least one more case since yesterday’s announcement of two more cases:

That makes eight cases caught in the past few days.

Had it not been for the agitation from National MPs and the media at least some of these people could well have been leaving isolation without a test.

As Point of Order says:

. . .The management of people arriving at the border has cost the government $81 million so far.

That’s a lot of money to spend on a sieve when you needed – and thought you were buying – a top-quality bucket. . .

We can’t know how many people with the disease have slipped through the sieve, but if there have been eight cases detected among people coming in from overseas in less than a week, is it possible there were absolutely no cases among all those people who have come into the country and not been tested in the past couple of months?

More than 200 people a day for a couple of months is a very big number to have no infections.

Given how rife the disease is overseas, it is almost impossible that there has been not been people with the disease, asymptomatic or not, who came in, went through isolation and were released without a test.

We have been very, very badly let down by the government and the agencies that were supposed to be keeping the border secure.

And while the military and another Minister have taken charge, the management of isolation still seems to be an omnishambles when people who ask for tests aren’t getting them and don’t know when they will.

3 Responses to It’s still an omnishambles

  1. Teletext says:

    Of course it is a shambles when those supposedly in charge haven’t got a clue what they are doing. They haven’t had a clue since before Day 1. Even some of their media “luvvies” are starting to realise this and not being so sympathetic in their pieces. Will they turn into attack dogs which would be the “fairy princess'” worst nightmare.

    If this was a private business running the show, Worksafe would be down on them like a ton of bricks and asking the courts for a maximum penalty. The CEO (Dr Bloomfield) and the Director (the Doctor of Divinity David Clark) would be facing extreme penalties including time behind bars which is where the Minister should be.

    It appears that the Minister of Housing is their “fixit” person but could she also be the sacrificial lamb? I feel that our Air Force man can forget about rising any further up the ranks the longer this omni-shambles goes on.

    It will be interesting to see the next couple of polls to see how much the crown has slipped on our fairy princess. The distraction was released over the weekend and who cares what a birthday cake looks like when you can’t keep your “team of 5,000,000 safe.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Another day and another addition to the litany of incompetence from the so called government


  3. Richard says:

    The PM should be remaindered of a saying of by President Truman- “The buck stops here”. The “system” she says is at fault. Obviously, but she is in charge of the “system” and the buck stops with her.
    She is showing just how flaky she is and clearly she has no qualities as a leader. Let the shambles of her making continue, with minimum casualties. Perhaps then the media will have an epiphany and realize the PM is not the figure they have made her


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