And still we wait

The last case of Covid-19 which was thought to result from community transmission was on April 2. That’s more than eight weeks ago.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

There have been no new cases Covid-19 for 10 days.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

There is one active case of Covid-19 in New Zealand.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2 lockdown.

Many Covid-19 testing stations are closing down.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

People are losing 1000 jobs a day.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

New Zealand is facing the largest decline in GDP in 160 years.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

Thousands of people assembled to protest  the murder of Minneapolis man George Floyd. That murder was atrocious but no excuse for flouting the rules when still only 100 people can attend weddings and funerals and we’re all supposed to be social distancing, festivals and events from the National Fieldays to church fairs can’t be held and many businesses cannot operate at full capacity?

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

The Government needs to explain to New Zealanders why it won’t consider a move to Alert Level 1 for another week, Leader of the Opposition Todd Muller says.

“Kiwis have made enormous sacrifices to flatten the curve, but if their efforts still aren’t enough to move to Level 1 then the Government must explain why.

“It has been more than a week since the last confirmed case of Covid-19. There are fewer cases now than there was before any restrictions were put in place.

“The Government has a duty to speak with one voice on such a critical issue, but all Kiwis are hearing now is mixed messages from the Prime Minister and her deputy.

“Businesses on the brink of closure have been left in limbo too long. It’s time for the Government to be clear about what conditions need to be met for the move to Level 1.

“Level 1 should mean businesses can return to full capacity, transport networks can resume without constraints, marriages can be properly celebrated and loved ones can be appropriately mourned.

“The sooner small businesses know what Level 1 will look like, the easier it will be for the backbone of our economy to start repairing itself.”

Most of us co-operated with the Level 4 lockdown requirements.

Most of us co-operated with the Level 3 lockdown requirements.

Many of us are confused about exactly what we can and can’t do at Level 2 – protests are unlimited but work, church, funerals, weddings festivals and social gatherings are restricted?

And still we wait to drop down from Level 2.

But why?

The Ministry of Health’s criteria for  Alert Level 2 is:

The disease is contained, but the risk of community transmission remains.

Risk assessment

    • Household transmission could be occurring.
    • Single or isolated cluster outbreaks

The criteria for Alert Level 1 is:

The disease is contained in New Zealand.

Risk assessment

    • COVID-19 is uncontrolled overseas.
    • Isolated household transmission could be occurring in New Zealand.

By those measures it should be safe to go to Level 1.

And still we wait to drop from Level 2.

But we’re sick of waiting.

The social licence that is needed for us to keep the rules was torn up and stamped on yesterday.

If protesters don’t have to wait for a drop down from Level 2, why should the rest of us?

2 Responses to And still we wait

  1. Andrei says:

    2020 the year of the great corona virus pandemic.

    You know as well as I do that that ridiculous woman who masquerades as Prime Minister is on a major power and ego trip. Stalin didn’t exercise the level of control over his people that she has attained and love him or loath him he was at last a man of substance something which she is not.

    The Prime Minister of Norway has now admitted she panicked and over reacted.

    The damage this lockdown has inflicted on our society and people defies belief.

    The reason why we can’t step down is that J. Ardern cannot afford to loose face before the election and admi9t this has all been a gigantic screw up. which it has been

  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Reblogged this on The Inquiring Mind and commented:
    Very true and very relevant

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